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Not sticking to the build plate

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Hi guys I am at the end of my rope. I have been printing with success for about a month now. My last print was a few days ago and printed fine except the last cm. of the model didn't print correctly.(under extruded and then balled up.

Anyway. Since then I have had no success getting it to print again.

I have:

Changed the material

Cleaned the nozzle Atomic method.

Cleaned and re-leveled the build plate.

blue tape on build plate

Glue on build plate.

different brand of blue tape

re-leveled the buildplate

Adjusted build plate temp up to 75 and tried, down to 60 and tried

changed the fan speed

changed the material flow.


Any suggestions I am at the very end of my wits.


Thanks in advance.


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Thanks Guys,

I am using the same PLA that I have been using for the past month. I did take the plate off and wash it. I have not updated my firmware, as I have been waiting to get the Cura update resolved. I have been corresponding with Daid on another thread to see about getting it installed.

I did finally get a print last night to start sticking and build, but it was ugly. I will try again today and see if I can work the bugs out. If I continue to have issues I will post some pictures as you suggest.

I hadn't posted this yet, so I will follow up now.

When I tried to print again this am. the Temp sensor error occurred. This happened to me a few weeks back, and was remedied by reconnecting the plug a little tighter on the Temp 3

I did the same thing again and the error went away, but it seems as though the nozzle is now slightly plugged.

I realize I am all over the place right now, but is it possible that my heat sensors are causing build plate and nozzle heat fluctuations and creating all of these issues?

Or is the Temp 3 sensor only the build plate? Either way if it isn't functioning correctly could this be my issue or is it likely that I have several different unrelated problems.


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I spoke to soon, not long after posting the note above, I have been fighting with the same issues. I received another temp sensor error. Checked the plugs etc... and it hasn't come back again. But, neither has my ability to print. I really am suspecting that the nozzle temp is fluctuating. Sometimes the filament extrudes normally and other times it will stop extruding all together. I keep trying to unplug the nozzle, re-level the build plate etc...

I have not upgraded the firmware as I was really hoping to get Cura working. Do you think this could have any effect on things?

Is there a method for measuring nozzle temperature with an external device?


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What is the issue with Cura that is preventing you from upgrading the firmware?

What temperature are you printing at, and with what material?

TEMP3 is just the bed temp sensor, yes.

It could be that you are getting bad temp readings; certainly printing with the head cooler will tend to make it harder to get things to stick. You can measure the temperature directly with a digital thermometer and a surface temperature probe, but I'm guessing you probably don't have one of those :-)


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Cura will not install on my mac ever since I updated to Mavericks. Daid, was working on a possible solution, but I haven't heard anything in awhile and suspect it is more likely an issue with my permissions or APL on my mac not allowing it to install. I have Cura 14.03 on my other computer, so I may try to just go back to that machine install the latest version of Cura on it and update my firmware through it.

Hmmm... don't have a surface temperature probe, but I might have to get one.

I have been printing at temps ranging from 210 -225 just to see if I can get some different results. I have also adjusted the bed temp in various increments between 60 and 75.

I am trying models that I have successfully printed with this material at the same temps that I have printed them in the past.

I am printing a PLA that I have used for several previous prints with no problems.

Thanks for the help troubleshooting, I have to admit I am feeling a bit defeated.


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