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pause at height - issues

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I noticed a few issues lately when using pause at height plugin.

1. If setting the head to reach for 0,0 it cause an offset when it will resume and it will not realign properly with the previous layer. I set it to something like 20,20 and its doesnt occur.

2. If pausing at a low z (0.5mm) and set the pause position around 0,0 the nozzle will smash in the bed clip and then lower the bed. Should it not lower the bed first?

3. If printing small pieces and use a min layer time that will slow down the print, it seems like the min print time is not taken in account anymore when resuming.

4. Is the lcd control supposed to be blocked when the pause is occuring? I would have expected it to let me change some settings like nozzle temp so I can change material that require different settings.

I'm using Cura 14.07.

Anyone else got those issues?


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1. Most likely it's hitting an endstop and slight shifting because of that.

2. Then don't do that, or make sure the X/Y stop position is far away enough. (but, yes, it could lift a bit higher to avoid the clips. I hated those clips from the start, gotta tell you that)

3. Are you sure? These 2 things have no relation with each-other. The minimal layer time knows nothing about the pause, and the pause knows nothing about the minimal layer time.

4. That's how it is currently implemented. But good point, I think this can be changed for the UM2. (UM Original is a different beast on this aspect)


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Having the head go to 0,0 or -1,-1 on pause-at-Z should not be allowed. This should be tested for. The minimum position should be .5,.5 to avoid hitting the endstops and shifting the rest of the print.


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can someone help me out on the Pause at height plugin that comes with cura 14.07?

The only height I can get it working is the standard/default height of 5.0 mm.

No matter what I tried, it only inserts the pause code around height 5.

If I set the height at 3mm, cura starts recalculating, but keeps writing the 'Custom' marked code at around 5.

I tried saving the profile with the 3.2mm height I want it to pause. Reload it and the Height is 5 again.

So cura (imho) forgets to look at the plug in.

Who knows what to do,try ore where to find a alternative.

Regards Kees


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From the sd card I tried printing, that went wrong so I looked at the gcode.

I can give it a try to print by USB cable and see what happens.

I would like running it from sd card though, 1 print I can pause by hand, but I have to do 30. :shock:


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Are you using mac or pc? There are plugin issues with mac I think. Can you provide a screen shot of the problem - I mean does it show it wrong in the gui on the "plugins" tab?


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NO NO NO. What a waste. If the gcode is wrong of course the printer will pause at the wrong height.


oeps.. thought it could be possible cura handled Sd files differently than streaming USB files :mrgreen: .

This gcode i made on a laptop, win7. on a older desktop running vista, same thing.

screenshot from cura, you have to believe me, that i saw the white calculating bar move, when changing the height value.

after saving, the gcode looks like the other picture...





it looks to me, (in my greasemonkey's words) that some cura settings are remembered in a tempfile somewhere or in memory? or something is adjusted in the gcode endfiles..

A few prints later, after printing the software seems to think the 190 190 coordinates are the homing position, at least it stops there.

visually on cura screen, I checked the plug in field is empty


I see if I can get it to that again, and when


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