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Could use some help with 14.07 expert settings and unclear behavior...

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Machine: UM original

PC: Win 7 64bit

I'm trying to print an object with a large base, but these things stick to the plate like crazy. The bottom doesn't really have to be very smooth, so I thought I'd use a raft to make it easier to remove.

But I don't really understand the Expert settings in 14.07.

What is the difference between base and interface?

Can anyone point me to an image or video that clarifies what these settings do?

Also, my firewall keeps complaining Cura wants to connect to the loopback IP EVERY single time it wants to run a calculation (defaulting for Doodle3D box auto detection maybe?). Where can I turn this behavior off, because it's really annoying and absolutely unnecessary...?


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You are usually better off with a brim then a raft.

But the raft base is the first layer of the raft, it's a thick line layer which sticks very well to the bed.

The interface layer is the layer on top of that, it's thinner with thinner lines.

On top of that are surface layers. On top of that your model is printed.

The default settings should work very well with PLA.

About your firewall. Sorry, but you'll have to adjust your firewall to be less crazy. The local-loopback IP is your local machine, it's connecting the GUI frontend to the backend engine.


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loopback is just another word for "self". The cura engine is in python. The slicer is in C. One (fast, efficient) way for these 2 programs to talk to each other is through tcp/ip.

It's not a python thing. It's a computer thing. There are other much more complicated ways for two programs to talk to each other (for example by creating a file on the local hard drive) but most of these methods are different for each operating system (pipes, message queues) and aren't as flexible as TCP/IP.


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