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  1. Doubtful, because foehnsturm mentioned in a post he needed at least 5 binding orders. Looking at this thread, I count at least 10: @Nomo @gr5 @Scrat82 @deisengard (3 units) @scenic01 @rawafn (1 or 2 units) @dfrez (1 or 2 units) @reprogue @Frogger @AndrejV @HaryPlotter (for UM3) @wtfastro (for UM3) foehnsturm hasn't been very talkative, so it's everyone's guess what's going on with this. Too bad this isn't continued.
  2. @foehnsturm Is this project dead? There seems to be enough interest, but no response...
  3. @foehnsturm, If I counted correctly, there's interest for 8 orders: @nfcrockett @danyetman @planeflake @Ramzes777 @Scrat82 (3 items) and myself (if this works on the UMO) Enough for a new batch?
  4. Hi Foehnsturm, this should be able to work on the UMO, right? Yeah, yeah, it's an oldie, but my heavily modded UMO (heated bed with PEI, E3Dv6, your own pulley upgrade, etc, etc) is still working its magic, so no reason to give up on it just yet. Still loving the original, although I do have other machines. Any thoughts on how to get this running on the UMO? I'll also be glad to get my hands on one.
  5. @jenschr Had the same difficulty trying to get my hands on an UMO Heated Bed Upgrade Kit. You can still get one at a German company, here: iGo3d. I ordered one and it was delivered within a few days. They also have most other spare parts. Good luck.
  6. I came across this option when I was planning on going the PEI route for my (already modded) UMO with heated bed. But >€100 is way too steep compared to a (more permanent?) €40 PEI solution... So definitely: offering the sheets separately would be on a lot of wishlists I imagine, especially users of the UMO/UMO+. The rest of the stuff in the kit is mostly useless for UMO. Alternatively, the company could just disclose what the sheet material actually is made of and where they got it from. The open source mindset, remember?
  7. Thanks for your help Daid, I now got a perfect raft on my print that was easy to remove. Just out of curiosity... is that GUI frontend-backend loopback a python thing? Also, it seems to me that version 14.07 is a lot slower at calculations than 14.01, is that right? Anyway, thanks again.
  8. Machine: UM original PC: Win 7 64bit I'm trying to print an object with a large base, but these things stick to the plate like crazy. The bottom doesn't really have to be very smooth, so I thought I'd use a raft to make it easier to remove. But I don't really understand the Expert settings in 14.07. What is the difference between base and interface? Can anyone point me to an image or video that clarifies what these settings do? Also, my firewall keeps complaining Cura wants to connect to the loopback IP EVERY single time it wants to run a calculation (defaulting for Doodle3D box auto detection maybe?). Where can I turn this behavior off, because it's really annoying and absolutely unnecessary...?
  9. Hi @foehnsturm, I'd also like to order a set, if a second batch is going to be made. Thanks.
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