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New Ultimaker Material Feeder Going Backwards

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I received my new UM 2 a few days ago and have yet to make a successful print.

At First, the unit was making load noises on startup. I discovered that the rear shaft had popped out from the side during shipping.

I was able to level the table and feed material and had several failed prints (the material seems to keep globing up on the extruder and the pulls the print off the table. I tried both PLA and ABS, with the same result.

During a material change, the feeder jammed up. I couldn't get the material out. When I looked at it, it looked the feeder was going backward (trying to push it out when it should have been trying to reload it). I took it apart and cleaned it out. After putting it back together (material now out), the feeder is definitely going backwards.

I did a factory reset and it is still going backwards (it is trying to push it out on material load, both the initial low speed and the secondary high speed).

Does anyone know how to fix this?




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Don't switch filaments around. Switching from ABS to PLA is especially prone to causing clogs. Especially since you are still new with this printer. Stick with PLA if you can. Or at least stick to 1 and don't switch until you have a successful print. Try 245 for ABS or 220 for PLA. Don't go any hotter until you get things working somewhat. Also start out slow - print 30mm/sec and .2mm layers at first until things are working well. Only after that try thinner layers, higher speeds, higher temps (or lower temps) and so on.

For cleaning the nozzle you could try the atomic method:



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If you get the nozzle unclogged and the feeder spinning the right way and are having other problems - please please post a picture (or a video). You will likely get bad advice until you post a picture -- that's what I've found with most people - they explain the problem and we make assumptions and give the totally wrong advice, then a picture is posted and everyone is like "oh my! that's not what I thought you meant at all - that problem is much simpler and easier to fix...".


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My teacher just got an UM2 and after we updated the firmware the feeder will run backwards




If you are using the 2+ make sure to use Cura 15.04.4 that you can download here.

Select your model (Ultimaker 2 +) then upload the firmware. It seems to me that you have uploaded a firmware for the "old" Extended which has a different feeder!


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