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Ultimaker froze 1 hour into print

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Just came back to work after the weekend, expecting to see a pop can sized print that was projected to take over 20 hours. Instead, I found it had just stopped in place 1 hour into the print, with a burnt spot where the nozzle sat all weekend at ABS extrusion temperature, and the readout right where it was an hour into the print.

I aborted, and it went right to home position like nothing out of the ordinary. Right now I'm doing a material change, to see if the nozzle is just one block of carbon, which is what I expect. (Lucked out, I guess: It extruded black, then tan, then cleared up.)

Data error on the SD card? Processor glitch? Any ideas?


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Guess I'll reformat the SD card, then, and try again.

Perhaps a watchdog timer is needed, to abort automatically when this sort of thing happens. Some materials would make a real mess of your nozzle if they sat at extrusion temperature all weekend.


I agree that a watchdog timer might be useful. On the other hand no 3D printer should be left unattended for a whole weekend. It's something one wouldn't do with a burning candle, right?


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