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NEWBIE ALERT ! Hey there from south London.

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Good day to you all!!

First off let me just say what an amazing community that the Ultimaker brand has supporting it!

It is thanks to you guys that this humble Design engineer / Draughtsman from sunny South London [Wimbledon] got his grubby little mitts on a UM2!

So, Thanks for that Guys! [and Gals]

I managed to convince my employers that we needed something in-house to produce prototypes in a short space of time without having to outsource it to big prototyping companies who charge a bomb for mediocre prints!

So far 5 work projects have been printed and about 30 lets say...test prints have been printed! My desk s full of random blue prints currently!

We have had a couple of mis-prints and under extrusions but i think this is due to us playing with the settings!

My colleague also ordered some of the UM FlexPLA too so that will be an interesting experiment!

I don't really know what else to say...

What do you want to know?

Ta Very much,



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Hi Fordy,

Welcome to the community (from West London :))

Just jump in with any questions and show us your prints :) - the flexy is quite hard to print with - go super slow to begin with as I found it needed much slower speeds and a bit more heat to get good layer adhesion. It is 'flexible' as opposed to rubbery - for rubber you need to think Ninjaflex, but for that you need to read all the extruder update threadsssssss

The more you push the boundaries the more you need the forum - but I am continuously amazed at the boundaries - to see the kind of detail these things can print have a look at the fairphone cases (do a search) and how to print them - amazing!



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Thanks very much Jameshs!

I'm going to avoid using the Flex for as long as i can and iron out the couple of niggly extrusion problems that i am having at the moment!

What is the best way to upload images of my prints? (just tried imageshack like the old days of posting in forums, but you have to be a member now?!)

Going to open a thread in the troubleshooting area methinks..get some info on what i think is either the feeder skipping and/or under extrusion.


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Please don't use imageshack or any other service that won't host your images for at least 10 years as then your post will look like crap when they stop hosting.

Instead click on "Gallery" on the top left of this page and then the blue upload button. After uploading make a post and click "my media" next to the smile face.


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welcome to... the family... honestly... its the only forum I have ever been a member of that I would use that word... family.

There is a big band of great people on here from around the world... also willing ti help you and get even better prints out of your ultimaker2 and really WOW your boss.... trust me.. these guys have saved my bacon for than once....

your going to have a lot of fun and as you said... half the ultimaker crack is here on the forum... ok sorry I have to use a little of my irish english ;-)

Ian :-)


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Thanks Gr5 a bit like this? (and Hello!!)


Ian, from what I have seen it is very much a family! Although I haven't seen many squabbles yet!

Wow-ing the MD's of the company is definitely my aim! A nice bit of Irish-english did anyone any harm! (although i did just re-read your post in an Irish accent, quite entertaining!)

ChrisR HEY! I promise not to say Balham - the Gateway to the south...ah.....erm....Sorry about that.. One of my favourite drinking holes is is Balham! why the trip to the countryside?


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