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Sponge-Like prints

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Im very new to this

Just bought a used but in good shape UM2.

I am using a PLA filament i had from my first purchase of a MakerBot which i ended up returning (the extruder never worked). I believe its also 1.75mm

My prints are coming out very sponge-like. Even though all the settings are set for a very solid high resolution print (0.06 layers, 100% infill, slow speed and etc...)

What am i doing wrong? I noticed increasing the temp from 210 to 230ish helped but far from being acceptable.

(picture attached)

20140923 201728~2

Any ideas or suggestions would be appreciated.


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2,85 mm filament is what Ultimaker suggests (they say its the perfect size). However you can print 3 mm filament aswell.

So change your order from 1.75 mm filament to 3 mm and you should be all set.

Have fun printing!


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it can yes but if you can have 2.85mm it will work better. If the filament happens to be 3.01mm it will have a lot of friction in the bowden tube, and you will be more subject to underextrusion.

Most of the 3mm filaments are in fact 2.85mm


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Be very careful with filaments you buy - Usually when they say 3mm it means "3mm maximum". So that the average size is 2.9 or 2.85mm and the variance keeps it below 3mm. But some manufacturers don't know about this and the average is 3mm with maybe .15mm tolerance. These filaments jam in the bowden tube (the clear plastic tube) and are useless on an Ultimaker.

If you look more carefully at the literature they often specify 2.85 or 2.9mm as the actual size.

Because filament tends to be sold by weight and not length the manufacturers have no incentive to make the filament on the "high" or "low" side and these problems are simply through ignorance.

The owner of printedSolid.com (Matt) owns an Ultimaker and can tell you if any of his 3mm filaments have issues with Ultimakers. I'm pretty sure none of them do - certainly not the colorFabb filaments - those are high quality filaments that work well with Ultimakers.


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