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Extrusion problems with wood filament

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So recently I've been trying to use colorfabb's woodfill fine with my ultimaker original. At first it was all dandy but now I'm finding that some prints just stop half-way as no filament is coming through to the nozzle. I am getting some serious grinding on filament at the extruder and I admit that it's secured quite tightly there but if it isn't tight enough there just isn't enough force to push it through the bowden!

During a print the extruder would keep trying to push the filament through but nothing is moving up the tube, if I apply a bit more force to the filament that's about to pass the extruder bolt then it moves up fine. The worst is since the bolt keeps turning when no filament moves through the tube, it eats away at the filament making the grinding even worse!

Is this an issue to do with the softness of the woodfill, or is build-up in the nozzle prevent more filament from coming in? What's everyone else experience with woodfill?


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you have to keep this wood fill moving...

A bigger layer height: recommended is 0.25. Because of the roughness of the material the separate layers kind of disappear.

A bigger nozzle opening is better: 0,6 or 0,8. For an Ultimaker Original this is easy to drill out and change.


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