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UM2's new LED lights are not bright at all

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photo 5


The image shows my 6 month old UM2 on the left. It's LED's are set to 50%!

The UM2 on the right is my brand new UM2, LED set to 100%


A step in the wrong direction there Ultimaker, using a different LED strip :) I understand there were issues with the strips coming loose, but to fix the problem by reducing light output by more than 50% doesn't seem right? (closer to about 75% cut in output)



I print 24 hours a day, so I am checking in on the printers at night, in a dark room... just drives me nuts that my brand new UM2's lights are so poor :)


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No, I ordered from the NL's. I was saying the "what are the odds" thing becasue i too thought it would have to be the whole lot, certainly not just 2 strips. If that were the case, others would have chimed in, surely, stating their LED's were not bright. But that doesn't seem to be the case....hence "what are the odds"

I just thought I'd bring it up to Ultimaker becasue if it was an entire lot, it's easy to miss until they compare that lot side by side with another lot, or older UM2's.


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Yes I can still dim the lights, but it's really a narrow window. I either have kinda dark, really dark, or off.

It might be my imagination, but the lights seem to be getting darker as time goes on. I'll have to do another side by side photo recreating all the variables to see if I'm losing it :p

it's really not that big a deal to me, just thought I'd share with the Ultimaker team in case they start running into this problem more often, they'll have an idea of what's going on.


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hard to tell if it's getting darker from an updated side by side (probably just me), but it's freaking dark for sure...

I took the original with my iphone so I couldn't lock in aperture and shutter speed to compare mathematically in photoshop. I did do that this time

Led Dim 2


To even out the brightness, I have to set the older UM2 to 25%



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Being new here, I was wondering if some folks are still noticing any dimming of leds on the UM 2. We purchased our mid December 2014 and when we helped the local Library set up their new UM 2, the first thing I noticed was how bright theirs was. I double checked the settings on both UM's and both were at 100%. But mine was noticeably dimmer. Any input would be great.


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