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Small communication problems with the support \ sale staff

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25th September i ordered my Ultimaker 2, after almost 2 weeks, I didn't hear anything.

all it said on my page was:

Order date September 25, 2014

Order Complete

Payment Credit owed

Shipment Ready

So i made an support ticket, which I didn't get any repond on, but then i met "oliv3r" (UM Software Developer i think) on the #Ultimaker IRC Channel (Freenode), and after like 3 minutes, i got a reply on my ticket saying:


I have checked your order and the shipment state is indeed "Ready". However, I see that the paid amount doesn't match the ordered amount.

It shows me that we received €1,925.72 from you, but the grand total is €1,959.72. Could you please check upon this from your side? And would it be possible to pay the remaining amount."


Not really sure how that is possible when i paid it all through paypal. Not like i could change the amount. (Perhaps a bug you might need to look into?).

Anyway, since I'm running low on money this month, I've decided to postpone\cancel my order untill end of next month, but my ticket doesnt get any answers.

I did send a PM to "Sander" guy on this forum about it, but no reply yet (understandable, as its not his job and probably busy with other things).

What is the best \ fastest way to proceed? Would it be easier for them if i just made an dispute through paypal so they get the message instantly, as the support system clearly isnt that great (from my experience).

Any idea? :) Thanks.


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Same here, I paid for the printer. Stated it was "ready" 8 days later still the same. I got some wacked out response from support/sales saying we understand you are excited about your new printer please give 5 days to ship.... Whaaaa??? Seriously it was as if they didn't even look at my order before responding that way. I am still in limbo on where my printer shipment stands...


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