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German translation assistance

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I would like to use the german translation in the new Cura 14.09 on Mac OS X.

Unfortunately the translation is not complete, mixed english and german and sometimes the translation is not "optimal".

I am not a developer, but I would like to help to get a better understanding for german-beginners :-D

Maybe someone can explain where I can change the Text to right german?

If you (Ultimaker) want I will send you the corrected files for the next Update.

Thank you

Greets Dirk

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For updating the translations, you want poedit:


This is an editing suite for the language files.

Next, you want to edit the language files. These are .po files in side of Cura. In the windows version they are at Cura/resources/locale

On MacOS, you need to open the package contents (right click, show contents) and find the .po files there in the resources.

With poedit you can edit these files, and update the translation. While you could update the po files trough git, that's complex, you can also email me the updated file, at d.braam@ultimaker.com

As for parts that miss translation, could be 3 things, could be that in the po file there is no translation made. Could be that it's not in the po file, but that it's properly marked in the code for translating. Or, it could be that it's not marked for translation at all. Best would be to tell/show screenshot for these parts, so I can figure out which of these 3 it is.


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Hi Daid,

okay, I loaded the file from /Applications/Cura/Cura.app/Contents/Resources/locale/de/LC_MESSAGES/Cura.po

If you open the file, you will see there are missing translations, BUT a lot of the translations are just not shown in cura. I will try to list all wrong parts..

Starting with the Menubar

Hide Cura

Hide others

Show all

Quit Cura

Reload Platform

Print all at once

Print one at a time

Install default firmware (there is a translation, but in the line below)

Open expert settings

Now the Interface

Select a quickprint profile

Basic (<-the word itself)

Infotext for Brim/Raft

Advanced (<- the word itself)

Initial layer line width +Infotext

Infotext for overlapping dual extrusion

Infotext for Travel speed

Infotext for infill speed

outer shell speed + Infotext

inner shell speed + Infotext

Infotext for layertime

Expert config

All headlines in english like Retraction, Skirt, Cool, Infill....

Infotext for Minimal extrusion before retracting

z hop + Infotext

Fan full on at height + Infotext

Infotext for minimal speed

Structure type + Infotext

Overhang angle for support + Infotext

Infotext for fill amount

Blackmagic complete in englisch

Infotext for extra margin

Airgap + Infotext

Surface layers + Infotext

Fix horrible all Infotexts in english

I hope this helps you.

You have to guide me through the next steps.

greeting Dirk


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so i translated everything in the po file and loaded it into Cura 14.09

what is missing in the PO file:

- Window titles for

- expert settings

- maschine settings

- wizards

- cura preferences

- expert settings

- dropdown entries for support (grid, lines)

- category titles (skirt, brim etc.)

- maschine settings

- dropdown entries for formfactor (square, circular)

- button text (all)

- the whole bed level wizard

- full settings register headers for basic and advanced

so that should be it


And, the printing time/filament use also isn't translated.

Just updated everything that I could find that had missing things. And I forgot to update the po files to contain some translations, so I have new files now. But those don't contain the changes done in the above download yet.


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I'm going to buy an Ultimaker2 in the next time, so I tested the way from Blender to Cura with some simple models.

I work at a Mac with OS X 10.9.5 and I installed the Cura version 14.09.

After choosing "german" as language,

- I found that I got only the support stuctures "von der Bau Plattform aus" (Touching Buildplate),

- switching to support type "Überall" (everywhere) had no effect, no new calculation and no support strctures in the upper part of my models.

A restart of Cura, with choosing "english" helped, Cura constructed also the upper support structures.

I wanted to provide some picture to illustrate this behavour, but i wasn't allowed by the forum (?)

It seems that the german word "überall" is not recognized in the programming logic.


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