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Problem with Cura, gcode, or UM2 scaling?

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I'm trying to make a part with some pretty tight tolerances between two screw holes.

The dimensions look good in the design software (Blender), look good in Cura.

But when I print, the piece comes out too big (by like 3mm across a 110mm piece). It causes the screw holes not to line up.

Is this a problem with Cura's translation to gcode?

Or is there a sizing/scaling issue on the Ultimaker 2?

Are there any maintenance functions, utilities, or settings i should be looking for to make sure it prints accurately?

Thanks in advance,



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That's almost 3% larger, that's a pretty large difference and I would therefore suspect the model or accidental scaling in cura more than something mechanical. If the piece comes out looking good that is. If it looks extremely underextruded or if there are large gaps between lines that would be something different.

If you create a 10x10x10mm cube in Blender (preferably in the same file that is causing issues), import it into cura and then activate the scale function, does it then show the correct dimensions?


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This time with pictures!

This image shows Cura's dimensions of exactly 109.15mm from end to end (axis is through the screw holes).


This image shows the actual part comes out 110.83mm.


Which leads to the holes not lining up as seen in this image:


I did not notice any large gaps in lines, however I will be re-leveling the build plate before next print.




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