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Heated Bed Upgrade: New Bearings make 'crunching' noise

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Just working on installing the heated bed upgrade, well done kit so far.

I have just one issue. When aligning the bearings and sliding the platform up and down during the bolt tightening, I notice a crunching noise coming from both bearings when the bed is move down, not when moved up though. I was careful when putting on the rods so I don't think any of the balls in the bearings were damaged.

Has anybody else had the same or know what I might of missed?



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Thanks Jon.

pulled it apart again to check bearings and nothing seems wrong. i checked the rods with the original bearings and they were 'smoother', but that could just be wear.

put it all back and still the same. when letting the bed go, it does go back to the bottom on it's on (with some sticking points) so unless somebody else comes back with other info, I'm just going to call it inside ball bearing movement for now and see what happens.

thx again


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Maybe your Z-shafts are bent?

I've seen some Ultimaker shafts that were anything but straight...

That would explain the uneven friction across the z-length.

Btw, I've gotten smoother and quieter movement on my current buildm now that I've corrected the spacing. It's still rather loud, but doesn't hurt to listen to it anymore...


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