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Ultimaker 2 Printing Issues

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This in my experience is usually caused by a tangle or otherwise excess friction from the spool of material. It eventually corrects itself when it pulls the 'kink' out. But not before causing some under extrusion.

Partial clogs can also cause this sometimes.


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It looks as if the filament feed is starting to "skip" towards the end of your print.

Here's some thoughts :-)

Which model of UM feeder do you have in your machine? There's a UM updated version available which was designed around mid-year this year to help prevent underextrusion. I'm not sure when that saw it's way into shipped printers though. The newer version has a metal grommet at the feed start and some internal changes to remove friction. It works very well. I'm using that version with no problems, so it may be worth checking to see if you have that in your machine. There are lots of alternative feeder versions by some very talented folk here... IF that's the cause of the problem....

Are you using filament supplied on a spool? I tend to turn the spool a little while I'm printing every now and again just to free and loosen the coils to 'help" the curvature a little that the filament has to follow into the bowden tube. If you're using a spool, are you reaching the end of your filament when the problem occurs? The filament is more tightly curved then. Does the spool turn freely? If you're using loose coiled filament how do you have it placed?

Have you tried increasing the temperature of the extruder? What speed are you printing at? What's the filament?

The "upgrades" I've done to my stock UM2 so far and have had perfect prints every time with PLA, are

1. UM Upgraded feeder (Ultimaker design)

2. UM Glass filled coupler

3. Zetoff fan improvement

Hope this helps some :-)


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