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Missing parts with scaled down objects


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Posted · Missing parts with scaled down objects

Greetings fellow Ultimaker's,

I got another rather noobish question regarding slicing. It already happened with several prints, and since I am a really bad CADer its really hard for me to mess around with the original STL model itself, so I wanted to check out your opinions first.

All is better with pictures and pirates:

I wanted to print a model of a lovely spaceship, which looks awesomely well in normal view, but once I check out the layers I have holes in the print itself.


This is how it is supposed to look. Now the layer view:


Please focus your attention to the part in the foreground, right upper corner - as you can see there is simply a hole and even the joists which should join the parts aren't visible there. I can avoid the missing horizontal joists by placing the model in another angle, but nevermind what I do I am not able to get the holes out. The model itself looks quite flimsy and thin in layer view too, so I wonder what can be done.

Same problem with this rather easy model:



As You can see the letters are totally f****** up here.

Thanks for your advice.



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    Posted · Missing parts with scaled down objects

    Check these models in the x-ray view. If there is something displayed in red, it's a problem with the model, most probably a so-called non-manifold surface. In most cases there is just a hole somewhere in the model.

    You also can open the expert settings and play around with the four 'fix horrible' settings. Personally, I would check the 'fix horrible B' setting first... ;)


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    Posted · Missing parts with scaled down objects

    I think part of the problem is also these objects are really small. Your medallion is only 2x2cm The small letters are most likely smaller than your nozzle size which is why they aren't slicing correctly. Any details smaller than 0.5mm will generally not come out as intended.

    You would have better luck with that medallion standing up with supports since detail is greater on the vertical axis.

    As dim3ntioneer has suggested the firefly ship probably has some bad Geo, but also could be suffering from being too small as well. Can't see from that angle but it looks to be only about 2x4x4cm. Same limitation with the nozzle size.


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