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Printing with MPflex45

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Hello All,

we are trying to print with MPflex45 from Makerpoint on a Ultimaker2.

At the moment we have the problem that we can't feed the material into the printer. When the material is in the feeder or just above the feeder it stops. It looks like the material is to flexible to but inserted.

A while ago we could get the material in but the prints were bad but now the material won't feed at all.

Anybody has some tricks for this?

We have nothing changed on the machine so just the original feeder ond bowden tubes etc.

Thanks in advance.

Mark Heiden


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Is it very flexible?

You might need to print an alternative feeder for flexible filaments like this one:


You can also have a look here for tips and tricks:


I found out that one of the best trick for flexible filaments is to keep a constant (rather slow) speed.


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It's not easy to print flexible filaments especially with bowden tube printers.

The main problem is the added pressure/friction in the bowden with flexible filaments. So whenever the filament gets "stuck" in the bowden it will try going anywhere it can and the stock feeder has some space that the flexible filament can go in, and jam the feeder.

With the feeder i linked there's a guide that prevents this. It's not a big modification and won't void yuor warranty if that's what you're afraid of :)


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plus 1 to Didier's last comment, My print quality improved with changes to the filament feeder, I can understand your reluctance to modifying the printer, but I think if it as like buying a sports car and tuning it up to get better performance

The feeder I am using currently is http://www.youmagine.com/designs/2904 I find its good for all types of filament, its a design that I think would be well suited to flexible filament too


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Just bought a pack from makerpoint myself yesterday. Have not tried i jeg but they gave me the tip that its hard tot make i stick to the bed. And tat the best solution would be to use "cubestick" . Ordered on the web today so i guess i'll be testing next week.

Fyi. This makerpoint stuff is not very flexible...

Ill let you know my results...

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Are there any specification of what kind of polymer MPflex45 is?

If it is the same kind of flexible polyester as "flexible FPE 45D" from 3DVerkstan I have the following advice:

- The only way i could make it stick was by cleaning the platform properly and heating it as much as possible. Glue made it less likely to stick (!)

- You need Robert's feeder (the one Didier linked to) and you need to use the filament guide designed for it.

- Printing relatively slow makes feeding issues less likely. Printing thick layers (0.2mm) makes it less likely that the part it is pushed loose from the platform by the nozzle.

- Retraction does not really work that well, so try to avoid retractions (or try to change the retraction settings)

- It seems like the flow needs to be increased about 15% over what would be expected.

I used these settings:

Temperature: 220C

Buildplate temp: 105C (Covered front and increased to 110C after printing started)

Diameter: 2.90mm

Flow 110% (slightly low)

Speed, I don't remember, but something like 20-30mm/s at 0.2mm layer thickness.


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I don't have the specifications at hand, so i can't say much about them.

The one time i could print a little with it i had no problem with sticking it to just a heated bed, no glue what so ever.

I think i really need to look into a different feeder to see if that will help

I got some grinding lately with othermsterials as well.

Again many thanks to all wo read and replied.

I will certainly come back to you later when i had time to trie again, first finish some jobs


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