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Cura lagging on Model moves, settings, view changes etc

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I am moving a post I originally started on the 'Autoslice poll' as it doesn't really belong there. Over there Daid said:


The virus-scanner on windows bug was also fun, up to 1.5 seconds of GUI hang when the slicing started (also fixed)

The firewall problems are mostly fixed, except for some awkward version of zone-alarm that blocks local sockets by default.

(And there is a deep down "configuration setting". It's called the code. There is actually a patch somewhere on the forums that does manual slicing)


Cura (recent releases up to/including 14.11-RC7) is lagging when I begin slicing, seemingly whenever I change any setting or make a position change that would cause a change in the Gcode.

Are the firewall fixes anything that need to be addressed on my machine, or are those fixes in the code?

I am running Microsoft Security Essentials for virus protection. Need I do anything here to improve Cura performance?

Also running ZoneAlarm Free Firewall This version of asks and learns access rules program by program as they occur. What is bad is that it also requests permission to access system resources. After the first run, and all the permissions are granted and learned, there permission requests end, but there may be a lingering effect. I will try running w/o it and see if there is an improvement.

Thanks if you have a minute to parse these details. I may also need to look at my graphics card and drivers.



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You are a little behind in versions. That whole auto slicing clued me into the fact I was lagging in updates.

Latest version seems to be 14.12 RC10 vs your 14.11 RC7.

The layers view which I think was the focus of the auto slicing thread is still slow loading the tool path but it always has seem to be slow. For me, the rest seems to be fairly smooth. I'm running MSE too.


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Latest release is actually done yesterday, as official new release.

But, I am looking into the slowdowns when starting a slice. An important bit of information here is, specs of the computer, and 3D model user, especially the amount of polygons.

I've been testing with the "horror" model I have (3mil polygons). And there I have a measurable 0.9 seconds delay when the slicing starts. I've identified the code, already made some changes, but I found them too experimental to put then in the full release of yesterday. However, I will build a test version soon so people can check if this improves their performance.


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