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I can't understand what's wrong with my printer

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Hi there,

I own a Ultimaker2 for 5 months and i always have some problems...

I'm trying to print the "bed level file" that the support gave me, but while printing the 1 layer in some points the filament doesn't stick to the plate.

I regulated the plate several times, and cleaned the nozzle, but the filament seems to stick to the nozzle sometimes or doesn't come out at all, i thought the problem was the plate too close to the nozzle but even if i put it lower the problem is still the same.

i put some glue on the plate as suggested before

any suggestion?

thanks :)


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A few details that would help troubleshoot the issue. What material are you using, the temperature of both the nozzle and bed and the layer height you're printing with?

In regards to bed leveling, refer to the topic below, specifically Illuminarti's post for the correct procedure to get a level bed.



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Plus, i don't know if it is relevant but i noticed that even when the material comes out free, like in the beginning of a print session, the material always seems to be attract to the nozzle, instead of go down the filament goes up and stick to the nozzle, i always have to push it down with a pen or something before the print starts.

is it normal?


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