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Print speed capped at 120mm/s?

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I've been experimenting with the velocity and noticed something:

I slice a cuboid test-strip with following dimensions.

Length (y-axis): 150mm

Width: 1.6mm

Height: 2mm

Shell thickness: 0.8mm

Layer height: 0.1mm

The head has to travel four times up and down the strip for each layer and does so just fine. It has more than enough length to accelerate.

I'm comparing the print speed in cura with the feed-rate in the generated g-code. I'm only looking at the feed-rate of the upper-most layers, as the first few are slower (probably to better stick to the platform).

Print-Speed Feed-Rate

80 mm/s 4800 mm/min or 80 mm/s -> matches

100 mm/s 6000 mm/min or 100 mm/s -> matches

120 mm/s 7200 mm/min or 120 mm/s -> matches

140 mm/s 7140 mm/min or 119 mm/s -> even slower!

160 mm/s 7200 mm/min or 120 mm/s -> at least we're back to 120

180 mm/s 7080 mm/min or 118 mm/s -> slower again...

It's not like I could actually print at 180mm/s, but something odd is going on here anyway.


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