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Power supply disconnected during print

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Hi, my power supply is very fragile and comes out with only a light touch.

During a 20 hour print, the power supply cord was accidentally knocked out. The Ultimake 2 switched off. When switched on again it went back to home screen. Is there any way for me to get the print to continue from it's last position or do I have to restart the whole thing?

Thanks in advance


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Continuing a print is complicated unfortunately but if it's a long (more than 5 hours say) print then it's worth learning how to continue a print. Each time you do it you get better and faster at it (like baking cookies).

First you need to use pronterface to find the exact layer to continue on. Pronterface is here:


read all gr5 posts here:


post #9 here has specific code change example for um2 (ultigcode):




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Unfortunately someone accidentally unplugged my um2 today after 10+ hours of a 25h print. I followed the steps you mentioned to try to recover the print. I'd never used pronterface before, but eventually I managed to get it to work. Finding the right layer was quite difficult. I tried to find the right coordinates using pronterface to move the nozzle, and eventually I think I found the right spot.

I adjusted the gcode according to your specifications. I tested some of the commands using pronterface to be sure I didn't make any mistakes. Then I saved the gcode to SD and ran it on my um2.

I was really glad when the printer seemed to resume where it had left off. The printer did indeed start printing the right layer (as far as I could tell, which was quite hard since the layer height was set to .06mm), but somehow the alignment was off. It appeared as though the nozzle was slightly too low, causing it to drag through the old print (which was quite solid since a few hours had passed). Now of course this could be an error on my part, but also the y-alignment was incorrect. The continued part of the print was shifted about 3 mm or so to the back.

Is it possible I did something wrong  in pronterface? I did play around a bit, moving the nozzle a few times and homing it again, but I didn't expect that to have any influence. Is there anything I can do the next time to prevent this from happening?

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