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Ultimaker 2 center fan always on?

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Hello all, first post here. Just received an Ultimaker 2, all is working well and prints are coming out great. However, from the moment I turn the printer on, the center fan (heatsink fan) is constantly running. Even when everything is cooled down, and nothing is printing, the center fan is running.

And it is noisy! Is this normal? Should the fan be running? Doesn't make sense to me. Thanks!



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Hi Neil,

the behavior is normal. The center fan would not need to run if everything is cold, but since it is essential that it runs if the hotend is heated up even just a little, I assume Ultimaker just went for keeping it on all the time to save the electronics and firmware code to switch it on with the heating and switch it of after everything is cooled down. So, as long as it is running, everything is fine :)

A few people here have tried to replace the fan with a less noisy one. If you search in the forum, you should find the posts.

Best regards,



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Thanks fellas, I ordered the sunco fan and it does make quite a difference. I appreciate the help!

Right now I'm battling an X-Y switch broken/stuck error. Looks like it is indeed the switch and not the stepper motor but I can't tell for sure without switching the X and Y switches, which involves cutting wires.


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