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Doodle3D software on Raspberry Pi + Cura?

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The nice people who made the Doodle3D have open-sourced all the code (https://github.com/Doodle3D). Consider these points:


  1. Cura can talk to Doodle3D.
  2. Doodle3D runs on top of OpenWRT.
  3. OpenWRT runs on Raspberry Pi.
  4. All these are open-source.

(Actually, Cura is supposed to be able to talk to Doodle3D, I can't find how, however).

Anyway, has anyone put together a Raspberry Pi image thta contains (at least) the printing aspects of Doodle3D? I don't much care about the drawing from a tablet aspect, I'm getting an actual Doodle3D unit for that.

Failing that, does anyone know where such topics are being discussed? I started this on the cura forum because eventually I'll have to also modify the cura UI to add some functionality I have in mind.

In particular, I want to monitor things like z-axis movements and trigger the pi's little camera to take a picture, so i can make time-laps movies. Also, control the "third" fan from the pi so that when print finishes and the head has cooled down, I can turn it off.

Suggestions for where to look for more information, or other stuff that may be neat to do?


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Cura detects the doodle3d. I don't know how but the doodle3d can be configured to connect to your local wifi network and then by going in the browser to http://connect.doodle3d.com

you can see which doodle3d devices are detected. Likely there is a api description on how to access al this and then cura enables a wifi button on its screen. You can then directly print using that button. It transfers the gcode to the doodle3d while the printer is warming up. When all the gcode is transfered you can disconnect with the computer from the doodle3d it will continue sending the gcode to the printer. Note you must make sure that the doodle3d remains connected to the printer while the printer is busy :-P .


I just finished a 1.5 hour print using the doodle3d.

I think having a wifi connected printer has its advantages so you don't have use the sd card. The disadvantage is that when you want to print again you need to send the gcode again. If it was on the sd card you just could print it again without starting a computer.


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Have you looked at octoprint/octopi? There are cura addins to upload sliced gcode automatically or you can load the cura slicer on the pi (PI 2 B would be the best way to go).


Brilliant. I vaguely knew of octoprint/octopi, but I didn't realize that Cura could talk to it.

So much for cleaning up my apartment this weekend :)


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