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UM2: Error - X or Y switch stuck/broken

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EDIT 3/15/15: Solved. If anyone gets this error message in the future. For me, the geared pulley on the stepper motor had come loose! Simply tightened up the screw and it's good to go!


Regarding my one week old ultimaker 2: It was working great, but then I noticed a print that was way off. It laid down the first layer perfectly and then the second layer started to shift in both X/Y. I aborted the print and then ultimaker 2 threw this error message:

"Error - Stopped, X or Y switch broken. Contact Ultimaker

I did a factory reset, and got partially through (when to zero the head) before it gave another error message similar to the first one. Except replace broken with "stuck." I see the two switches, and they seem to be working fine physically, nothing is stuck or broken that I can see. I can trying switching out the X and Y switch and see if the issue swaps.

I removed the covers and it doesn't look like there are any pinched cables or anything. Also, it looks like the connection is good at the board side.

It seems like when the head is trying to zero itself, the head will traverse all the way left, and back (into the back left corner), but as soon as the head hits the X switch (blue wires), it whirrs loudly, stays in place, and then just throws the error message. Any thoughts on this?

Thanks guys


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I had this error message "...stuck" 2 or 3 times (with 66 print jobs so far). After checking the hardware, shutoff and new start, each time the printer worked afterwards OK again !?

I think it's one of these very unspecific computer error messages which just ask for a reset of the hardware (?). I'm a newbie (with a 6 weeks old UM2) too and couldn't localise specific problems. The printer works still fine with usually good results (unless I'm experimenting with new filaments and various printplate coatings).

Any thoughts / experiences from the experts are very welcome


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