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Hello, All-

A quick post to detail my experiences so far with my new UM2! I am pretty happy so far. I have done my homework, polished my skills with .stl, .svg, etc and I am ready to begin learning how to print. After all the user reviews and forums I have been on recently, looking for a machine to commit to, this forum was the deciding factor. The tone, the honesty, the support and instructions ... you guys know...I am excited to be here!

So, I am in Colorado, US and I ordered my UM2 on Tuesday (03/13) through Dynamism, in Chicago, based upon reviews. The name of the company does not do them justice. My bank decided that a poor slob such as myself should not have $2500 in the bank and locked my account tight for 2 days. I get an email from Aaron at Dynamism...a NICE, multi-paragraph, 'Dude, your card doesn't work, call me at....". I call the Dynamism number, it rings twice... and...Aaron answers the phone, and recalls my name from his auto email list sent that morning...'no prob, happens all the time, call me when the bank decides to give you money and I will ship the UM2.' UMMM, ok, wow.

Thursday (03/12), everything was good, I called Aaron, (he answered his phone, again, no voicemail), I paid, and then asked him if I would still get a ship date of the advertized 03/16. NO, NO... not 03/16...I had shipment confirmation and A FedEX tracking number from Aaron in less than an hour! I thought the guy carried my UM2 to the truck and loaded it himself! My UM2 is here now , 03/17. Absolutely could not have gone smoother.

Now...this part I cannot make up...

I have just inspected my UM2. The FedEx guy tried to hide the 6 inch hole in the box that looks a whole lot like a forklift blade punched into the box. OMG NO...but, I am prepared for anything...there is nothing that can go wrong with the printer that the forums or Fabrc8 or UM cannot fix...I bought the UM2 because of that support... thanks in advance, all.

OK... the forklift blade or whatever, penetrated the box about 6 inches and slid between the top of the UM2 frame and the packaging that contains the glass plate at the top of the box. I cannot believe it...It missed the whole printer, packaging and all!! ... I have not started setup, but I will tomorrow and will post a bit more. I have pics of the box and the UM2. WOW!

And that is my story so far! A 100% positive experience and I hope my little story helps out others thinking of buying an Ultimaker. As for the shipping damage, that happens...OMG I am just fortunate that I am not sending it back to Fabrc8 tomorrow, lol....I must be living right, finally!

Thx all-


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Sounds like FedEx did a number on your machine.

Unfortunately this hasn't happen to you alone.. It does sound you got off with a scare?

If anything was damaged, post some pictures so we can help you trouble shoot the machine.

If it is aesthetics you can contact Dynamism or FBRC8.

Good to have you on board on the forums! Looking forward seeing your first prints :)


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