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error- stopped x or y switch broken


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Posted · error- stopped x or y switch broken


i received my UM2 ~2 weeks ago. after some prints i noticed some shifting layers in x direction...so i checked the pulleys and tightened them.

after restarting and homing the printhead is stumbeling in x direction with a "buzzing" noise and stops with the error message "...x or y switch broken...".

after testing the switches manually (which are clicking), the x- switch metal sheet seems to be a bit flittering (?)but i couldn't notice something abnormal.

i tried the factory default option and while homing, same reaction /message occured.

i checked the switch connection on the electronic board, everything ok.

what can i do, while waiting a week for the support to reply?

check it with a multimeter? how? what tells me that the switch is ok (sorry) ?


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Posted · error- stopped x or y switch broken

The metal actuators can usually flitter a bit because they sit loosely in their hinge.

Did you try shutting the machine down, then moving the printhead away from the home position a few centimeters by hand, and then restarting?


I've heard of bent actuators causing the limit switches to malfunction. If that's the case, you can just bend the metal actuator back (meaning away from the switch housing) until it's more or less flat again. You might have to calibrate the switch's position after that.

From what the printer is doing, it seems it can't detect the limit switch.

That means either the connection is broken at some point (most likely the cable close to the connector / switch), or the printhead can't reach the limit switch (because it's bent, or slipped out of position), or the limit switch is actually broken internally (which is very unlikely).

If you have a Multimeter, you can check the connection by setting it to "buzzer" mode (continuity checker? - Durchgangsprüfer...)

then disconnect the cable from the mainboard, connect the Multimeter to the contacts at the connector, and then pushing the switch manually.

If the multimeter beeps - the connection and the switch internals are ok. Then it's most likely that the switch slipped or the actuator tab is deformed.


When checking the cable with the multimeter, try moving / bending the cable a little bit. That way you can detect slack joints that may only break the connection in certain positions.


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    Posted · error- stopped x or y switch broken

    thank you very much for your fast and detailed reply :smile:!!!

    yes i manually moved the printhead, restarted, and then the printhead is moving diagonally (!)

    to the left corner,stopps and stucks while trying to move to the left...

    i got a multimeter today and with your instruction i am going to try testing continuety tomorrow.

    with the bending iam not quite sure...i already bend it away from the switch but didn't try to flatten the bend inside...

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    Posted · error- stopped x or y switch broken

    As long as the switch can be actuated (if the UM2 uses similar ones than the UMO, you should hear a loud "click" when they actuate), it's not important if the metal tab is perfectly flat or not. But by deforming it, you will change the limit position.

    Maybe the switch's limit is now "behind" the mechanical limit, making it impossible for the machine to reach it?

    Greetings from Zurich ;)


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    Posted · error- stopped x or y switch broken

    ok it seems the cable and switch is ok. i will try more to bend it and take a look @ my old switches from the UMO ...

    edit: completed the startup wizzard, after bending it seems to print again (fingers crossed)

    thank you jonny, see u maybe on tuesday (fablabmitgliederversammlung) ;-) !


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    Posted · error- stopped x or y switch broken

    YES! i really had to bend the switch to be reached, so that its really curved right now.

    no errors since then!

    i also thightened a mean pulley nut on the x-motor shaft (never, ever trust a friend who tells you he already did that ;-) ),

    so no more x shifting and except from some reading problems with the sd card, the "childerens disease" of my printer are quite manageable i guess :-).

    regarding tomorrow @ fablab i am not sure if i can make it :-(... (preparing to visit the printshow in berlin though ;-) )


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    Posted · error- stopped x or y switch broken

    Ooh the chaos! :-|

    You missed an endless and pointless discussion yesterday..


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    Posted · error- stopped x or y switch broken

    haha swisslike...i can imagine that, i will rather come to do some lasercuttings next week :wink:

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    Posted · error- stopped x or y switch broken


    Thank goodness this was an easy fix (in my case). Simply lubricate the slide beams like this and it will run smoothly again: https://ultimaker.com/en/manuals/222-lubricating-the-axes

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