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@anon: thank you ;) it's an UMO! Are you sure about it? According to http://wiki.ultimaker.com/Electronics_build_guide there is one, somewhere...

"Starting from the 1.5.6 electronics, the electronics can be powered stand-alone. This may cause the fan and other electronics to run from your USB port. If you don't want this, you can 'open' the following jumper:"

@avi: i also thought about that way, but i would prefer another solution :)

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Hmmm, very interesting. I checked the Mega's schematic and board files and there is a bridge that can be cut that disconnects the USB GND from the power GND.

This MAY, REPEAT MAY prevent the Mega from running on USB power. CUT THIS AT YOUR OWN RISK.

I think the worse case is that USB comm stops working but you should be able to reverse it with a blob of solder.

ArduinoMega2560 R3 Back


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I think they meant the ARD_PWR jumper, but if you remove it the whole arduino board is no longer supplied with voltage from the power supply. You cannot print without the USB cable connected then?!

Anyway, I found another solution here (where you also replied). I guess i found a more elegant solution to this problem:


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