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  1. Hi Martin, That's a great looking extruder. It looks like the drive gears share a similar design to the MK8 RepRap drive gear, which I have found gives really good grip without deforming the filament very much. On the 3mm variant, what do you feel is the compatible range of filament sizes? Also, how hard is it to convert the 3mm variant to 1.75mm and back?
  2. I think my budget would top out at about $130. Also, while I will definitely need a good extruder for large prints in the next year, I won't be needing one right away. One question. What is the compatible range of filament sizes?
  3. Oke so the are worth it but the are really expensive and i can`t find the in the right size. Or are we not on the same page?! I got some used ones off of ebay.
  4. Preview of my upcoming more compact Nema 8 design. I am still working out some interference issues with the Nema 8 mounting screws.
  5. Well the look really nice but how that looks a crossflow fan, and is this better than a normale fan? 1) The print head is lighter, because there isn't a fan on it. 2) The print head is smaller, because there isn't a fan on it. 3) Maybe this is just me, but I found my overhangs with the crossflow fan were substantially better than the results I was getting with the UMO stock fan and cowl. I think it just provides a lot better cooling of the layer, as it is blowing more air over a larger area. BTW, I have also started using a crossflow fan for cooling the stepper motor on my Nema 8 Direct Drive extruder. Works like a charm.
  6. Posted my final design for this version on Youmagine. https://www.youmagine.com/designs/nema-8-worm-gear-print-head-redux-for-foehnsturm-modular-printhead Also working on a more substantially different version with lower center of mass.
  7. Well the are a kind of big But they don't have to move with the hot end, so weight isn't such a big deal.
  8. I really like the design, But i only miss a extra fan for cooling for the print Look up "Crossflow Fan". These fans produce a sheet of air, so you can have one on the side of the printer blowing across the entire top of your print.
  9. One thing I didn't expect with the Nema 8 design is that it is way quieter than the UMO stock extruder. I am guessing that is due to the increase in step frequency and decoupling from the wooden frame.
  10. I would be interested. I just got my Nema 8 extruder up and running. You can find the details in your direct drive extruder thread. Right now my gear box is substantially heavier, primarily due to the much larger worm gear. Looks like you also moved to 5 mm rod for the gear box axle.
  11. Had some free time this week so I finally got my version assembled. The overall design is the same, but I remodeled the body from scratch. Main Differences changed hot end mount to UBIS slightly increased angle of motor mount, to give more room for cooling enlarged gear box to accommodate a wider variety of worm gears. increased gear box shaft to 5 mm. Bearings are still 10 mm OD Though the motor is rated for 0.8A, I am getting good results from 0.6A. Currently running 1/4 steps at 1553 steps/mm. The frame weighs just a tiny bit more than the original design, but the worm gear I am using in this design is a lot heavier and the thicker shaft also adds some weight, though I thought the 3mm shaft had too much flex to it. Maybe the 5 mm shaft could be drilled out, to reduce weight. Same for the gear. The hair bands don't actually do anything, they are just there to hold the feed tube when the filament is removed. I need to print one more version of the body that had a holder for the feed tube. After that and some more testing will post on youmagine.
  12. Just decoupling the feeder from the chassis makes a huge difference. IME, the silentstep stick did not make a huge difference in the sound of retractions, but decoupling the feeder from the chassis did. It was expected that this wouldn't fix the E-Motor noise. Because the E-Motor moves very fast during retraction, Marlin sends two step pulses at a time so the interrupt handler doesn't get called more often than the poor little 8bit AVR can handle. So the output is: "step,step,pause ,step,step,pause, ...". Of course it doesn't help to smooth in-between steps when the steps themselves are irregular. Don't take my word for it, look at the code (stepper.cpp). Yuck. Seems like they should have just cut the microsteps to 1/8th and done a single pulse.
  13. Well, I posted the bug reports. I briefly looked for similar issues reported, but didn't see them. They just seem so obvious and problematic, that I have a hard time believing that the devs haven't noticed, unless it is somehow specific to my installation.
  14. I have just felt like I am in a constant battle with Cura 15.06 (Currently on 15.06.03). The biggest issue is that it will often fail to recalculate after adjusting a parameter, but there is lots of other buggy weirdness; like how when you grab a part to move it, the Cura GUI with throw it way off to one side. I would very much like to go back to 15.02.01, until things get sorted out, but the new Slicer does seem to make a higher quality prints. Would it be possible to use the old GUI with the new slicer?
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