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Wiring different than explained in assembly guide?

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Hello Everyone, I'm new here, new to 3d printing in general. I purchased an Ultimaker Original+ and I am having some issues with the assembly when it comes to the electronics portion.

It appears that the wiring supplied is different from what is described in the assembly guide.

Here are the variances:

6.5.2 Connecting the heater and heated bed: it says to attach the white wires to the heater 1 output. I have NO white wires. I have only gray wires.

6.5.2 Same topic, it says to attach the gray wires to the heated bed output. Now, on top of having only gray wires, two of them are capped together in a dual connector. There are only single connector ports for the heated bed output.

6.5.3 Connecting the Print Head electronics. It says to attach the metal sleeved PT100 plug the TEMP1 slot. My PT100 does not have a metal sleeve or a connector, it is just two bare wires.

Can anyone help with these issues? Thanks in advance...

-Bryan, USA, Florida


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I think a recent change in the heated bed cable colors may make my photo look different.

My heated bed has two grey(fat) and two white(thin). I've noticed some kits coming with headed bed cables that are blue&brown(fat) and Balck&white(thin), just keep the fat and thin wires going where they say and ignore the colors since they do not match.

I have a anotated assemble manual here:


see page 61

and here's a photo that might help of my board.

UMO+ board


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another note:

1. PT100 should have a plastic 2 wire socket on the end, it plugs into TEMP1 plastic jack. it is the smaller of the two things plugged into your nozzle heater block.

2. Cartridge heater should have the two bare wires, it plugs into HEATER 1 on the terminal block. it is the larger of the two things plugged into your nozzle heater block, AND it has the 90deg bend in the metal end by the nozzel heater block.


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