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  1. Ya, I had been eyeing up that block setup, but my system was getting pretty sloppy so I figured I'd wait until these mods were done. I'll give it a shot when I get back from vacation. Thanks for the feedback !
  2. Took a bit to cut and grind the new longer rods. I also swapped over to slightly shorter (and now very tight w/o any additional tensioners) GT2 belts and pulleys. If anything the new setup feels like it has more drag, but I'm sure it has more to do with the very tight new belts. They all sing about the same note. I swapped the wire pairs on the motors as it only took a few seconds and I should never have to worry about customizing that bit of the firmware. Just curious about placing the cooling fans; any reason not to mount them atop the stepper motors as pictured ? Alternatively,I was al
  3. Calum, could you post up some of your previous motor mount designs ? I like the new springy mount in theory, but my printer is having a fit jumping from the support material to the thin side features. I'm not sure if it's just a retraction issue, bad filament, or a need for better fan ducting, but unless I can sneak a couple prints into the Stratasys, I'll have to go back to the old design.
  4. I see you've got yet another new motor mount design up (really at version 9 ?). Any tips on slicer/print settings for the best results ? I'll probably be pulling the first one off my printer before you get a chance to read this. Thanks for continuing to work on it
  5. If you still need testers, I'm game. Any chance the new version comes with multiple firmwares (ie, ready to go heated bed support).
  6. Sorry to get off topic, but did you find a decent thermal tape, or did you go with a thermal epoxy to stick them on. I had some generic double sided thermal tape that fell off on the first long print. Got my new linear rods and the double-grub screw style couplers from china, but after reading all the posts, I've ordered up some of the clamshell type couplers.
  7. For those of you with heatsinks and fans on your stepper motors, does the placement of the heatsink make much difference ? I'm wondering if the fan/sink could be placed on top of the motor, rather then the back-end, just to keep this whole assembly from getting overly long. Since the sides are flush with the ends, I don't see any decrease in surface contact, it might even help keep the shaft/mounting side a bit cooler ? Thanks for the pictures. I like the addition of a countersunk screw hole at the end of the extension.
  8. If I was building an Ultimaker from scratch, I'd modify the laser-cut wood templates I'd probably move the slots for mounting the extruder motor to the left side and leave some extra material for mounting the motor stand-offs.
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