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  1. Ok I have a problem with Brim. I have an upside down cone shape to print, the top of the cone is just within the max build volume, the bottom is only 20mm diameter or something. My problem is I cant use the brim setting without having to shrink the model, which I dont want to do. Im assuming the brim setting adds the brim width to you models max dimensions. It should really add to the first layer max dimensions to avoid restricting build volume on models larger at the top than bottom. Is there anyway around this that anyone knows of? Thanks in advance for any input.
  2. Thats good to know about the ulti controller, thanks for the info. I guess its down to the heat directly transferring from the bed to the print rather than the whole chamber being that temperature? Looks like Ill have to find some 3rd party heated bed builds. thanks again. Jamie
  3. I recently bought a second hand UMO on ebay. Its not in great condition, belts are all stretched and it probably need stripping down cleaning and re-assembling. I don't mind doing this as is was quite cheap in the end. I still have the UMO I bought 5 or 6 years ago with a heated bed upgrade kit and the ulti controller both of which are no longer for sale as upgrades which is disappointing. So with that in mind I got to thinking about a heated bed chamber instead of a heated bed and here's where I'm hoping fellow makers can give me an opinion. Can a heated ch
  4. Fellow ultimakers, Ok I might be missing something here but I cant figure out how to turn the fan off at a certain height in Cura. I know it can easily be turned on at a certain height or layer but I want to do the opposite. I'm printing some Colorfabb HT and the bigger layers are higher up (think inverse pyramid) so warping becomes an issue. I still need cooling on the lower layers though. I've done it manually and it prints nicely but Id love to be able to just leave it going knowing the fan will turn off. Any ideas? Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
  5. Thanks for the info, very much appreciated! Ill check out your how to for the bypass.
  6. Fellow UMers, I'm considering upgrading my UMO with an E3D V6 hot end with the volcano pack so I can print hotter and faster with wider nozzles and other materials. I'm very confused as to what I actually need to order though. I upgraded my UMO with the heated bed and so it has a 24v PSU. SO I'm assuming I order the 24v E3d V6 version? Then I assume I need to print a mount for it. Is it this simple or am I missing something? Even though the PSU is 24V will the UMO board ouput 24V to the heater cartridge? Any advice very much welcome. Jamie
  7. Fellow Ultimaker gurus, Does anyone have any experience with this upgrade ? http://3dgbire.com/products/extrusion-upgrade-kit £400 is quite a price tag, Im wondering whether its worth that much and how much it could improve my prints. Any thoughts/opinions appreciated. Thanks in advance, Jamie
  8. Hello fellow UM'ers, I am trying to print a cut down spherical lampshade on my UM2 that measures 220mm (max dia) by 156mm high. For some reason Cura will only let me print it at 195mm dia. I checked the build volume settings in cura and they are the default size (larger than my object). I cant understand why Cura wont let me print at 220mm. Any suggestions welcome. Thanks in advance, J
  9. Nancy, Ive decided to keep the UM1 for experimenting with new materials. Sorry for any inconvenience. I hope you find one soon.
  10. Hi Nancy, Yes it is still for sale. No it doesn't include a heated bed. Jamie
  11. Hi Thirty six. I am indeed in Leeds. Are you still interested in buying my UM1 ?
  12. Interesting, Id not considered that. What is 'Roberts feeder' ?
  13. Hey fellow UM'ers just thought Id share this little tip. I had a few blockages with both my UM1 and UM2 in the past, I always wondered 'how is material getting into the nozzle to cause blockage?' So I took a small piece of sponge material, and pushed the filament through it before it goes into the extruder, then attached it to the extruder with a rubber band. This means it it cleans the filament as its pulled up into the extruder. No blockages since ! I've had this little mod on both my UM1 and UM2 for 2 months now and done a fair bit of printing so I do think its working ! (UM1 is for sale
  14. Assembled Original Ultimaker for Sale in UK !! £ 6 9 5 / € 8 8 5 !! 19 months old. Fully assembled and callibrated. It prints very well. Lots of printed improvements (see below). New hot end fitted as I managed to break a thread when I over tightened after cleaning. Ill also include a close to full roll of black fabedashery PLA (Ive found this to be the best PLA). FOR SALE: Ultimaker Original with Ulti-controller and V2 Hot end. Adjustable LED lighting integrated into Ultimaker Printed carry handle Printed extruder gear Printed Bowden clip circlip to improve retraction Pr
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