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  1. Put your cylinder on the the build plate turn your um2 on and hay presto the perfect place to take photos even with a phone camera
  2. Tried my First ABS prints the other day and had to heat the bed to 99'c could not achieve any higher. I also used brim for some thinner parts. Used built in ABS settings and things printed fine. when returning back to PLA the UM2 knows that you have been using ABS previously so turns the nozzle temp up to 260'c during the material change. I went to advanced settings and moved the PLA at 260'c to make sure all the black ABS was removed from the nozzle. I had no problems with blocked nozzles.
  3. The card was not the one that came with the printer, thats probably in a toy box somewhere. The card is an old Lexar 1GB.
  4. A massive thanks to illuminarti for conducting a test print. I looked for damaged wires from the controller to main board but found nothing so gave it another print and got the same disastrous result. I copied the file from one SD card to another and all seems to be well so a word of warning, Your Ultimaker may have trouble reading from certain SD cards. looks like another thing needs adding to the trouble shooting list unless i missed it all ready.Once again thanks illuminarti for your troubles especially over the festive period. Hope you find a use for it.
  5. Thanks if it works enjoy the dubplo brio mix its not mine but my boys have found it very useful, when it prints!
  6. I have sent it across via my email mmkazan as im not yet savvy with forum messages with files etc.
  7. My UM2 at present is proving somewhat problematic. I have not achieved a useful print for 2 weeks now. At first the print head temp sensor was reading 60c too high. A little prodding and poking seems to have cured this for now but I am still unable to print. My second or third layers are missing bits of infill it seems to pump (hard) a thick slow line of infill in the middle of the chosen area then move on to the next layer. I thought I would go back to my first print to see how that went only to find that massive random underextrusion seems to randomly occur and the Z height also drops by abo
  8. Thanks gr5 i tipped the um2 on its side to how easy things are to get to but thought the wiser at this time of year. Turned it back up right and things are reading as they should be for now at least. I will have a proper look in a day or three as there must be something loose somewhere
  9. Thanks illuminarti, This morning I turned her on and its running a temp 105c maybe its got the flu! I will probably have to wait a day or two to strip it down. The top end looks ok though.
  10. update im tired. its about 60c out not 40
  11. My nozzle seems to have gained an extra 40c over night. When I turn my UM2 on the Nozzle temp is reading 82c at ambient room temp and the bed is at 20c. Any easy pre-Christmas Fix's. I have done a factory reset an re-installed the latest firmware but it still thinks its running hot.
  12. Hello from Chadd! Had my UM2 a month now things are going good. Im new to the world of 3d but this forum appears to have all the answers.
  13. IRobertI I was trying to say that the filament that was left in the nozzle from ultimaker was grey but the test print was red it seams a bit strange thats all. hope that translates ok
  14. As long as it is Human!? If you get it working what colour is the filament that is left over from factory testing? Mine was grey coming out of the nozzle but the test print included in the box was red!
  15. Hello illuminarti im sure when I abort a print my Um2 homes the head and lowers the bed. Being a newbie I have aborted a fair few prints.
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