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  1. Just came across this software, has anyone tried it out? AC3D: http://www.inivis.com/index.html
  2. There is a new SLA machine, Pegasus Touch, on kickstarter, at about 60% cost of Form 1(and 7"x7" build area, but it's "order now, wait 'til summer"): http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/fsl/pegasus-touch-laser-sla-3d-printer-low-cost-high-q It's manufactured by laser specialists/laser cutter manufacturers.
  3. On the kickstarter page, it did list the print speed as 100mm/sec, and potentially 400mm/s.
  4. Don't know about import fees, but shipping for me from California was only about $30 (and its the same for UM2). I don't think ordering from Europe will beat that when you look at total cost, including shipping (which I've read from others is between $100-200 for the UM1)... as well as the import fees that you were concerned about. (However, maybe this shipping charge from Europe actually represents these fees you are inquiring into)
  5. Ultimaker 2 now listed for sale in the US (along with UM1), through Makershed. However, product "availability" is indicated "currently unavailable". I ordered the UM1 from them. Avoids all the extra fees, and shipping is from California.
  6. Ultimaker 2 now listed for sale in the US (along with UM1), through Makershed. However, product "availability" is indicated "currently unavailable". I ordered the UM1 from them. Avoids all the extra fees, and shipping is from California.
  7. Welcome! You'll find there's a nerdgasm by someone here every day
  8. Here's a good list of choices: http://www.3ders.org/pricecompare/3dprinters/
  9. Love it too. Most intuitive program for me. I got into it after seeing incredible Youtube tutorials and vids of what some can do in no time compared to other CAD's. Almost no learning curve. You can get it for a little less (USD 260) though this authorized reseller: http://www.3d-ware.co.nz/purchase.html There is also a student version for much less (around USD 70), but you need to prove credentials.
  10. Just realized that's the same bed as previous model, but still 8x8...
  11. Solidoodle just introduced its new model 4. It has a heated aluminum bed with 8"x8" build area, which can be bought separately, for $49: http://store.solidoodle.com/index.php?route=product/product&path=63_67&product_id=92 Any thoughts on fitting this onto the original Ultimaker?
  12. I'm still in the buying, or "decision making", process between the original UM and UM2. I'm a little confused - are these features that are present with the original Ultimaker that have somehow been removed? Is it removed through the updates to Cura or by hardware changes? (i'm referring to "pause print", "change filament", "release steppers", etc.)
  13. Also given a good review: the Felix 2.0, as the big surprise - anyone familiar with it? Says it "prints well out of the box". It uses SFACT for slicing, which I have never heard of. Prints slowly but has heated bed. Might beat out the Afinia. Generally, the review seems to have been conducted early on for the UM2, so any recent software adjustments or printer issue improvements wouldn't have made it, and the article suggests as much. Whereas, the Replicator 2 is essentially an improved and upgraded version of last year's. At least that's what I took from the article. The different filaments may be the ones that the manufacturers included with the printer - at least that's what I thought when I saw the blue used with the UM2 - it looks like the blue filament that ships with it. What didn't look so great to me was the Form1 print. I expected it would be flawless given the technology it uses.
  14. jdaiglejr

    SD card

    Do you know whether the new UM2 has the same issue?
  15. illuminarti, I just watched your video over on the Qu-Bd forum - your "Christmas card" being printed on what is unmistakably an Ultimaker - are you taunting them? Neat print.
  16. I read elsewhere online that Makershed may have the UM2 in a few weeks.
  17. illumiarti, My RPM cancellation refund check should be here shortly, so it's time to make a decision. Regarding UM vs. UM2, I noticed one comment by Sander wherein he states: "Be aware that the Ultimaker Original requires a bit more technical knowledge to operate then the Ultimaker²." On the other hand, you suggest the original UM may have more of its kinks worked out, while the UM2 still has some "teething problems". Care to elaborate? Looking at the forum, I can see that certain issues are being addressed. What are the ongoing issues you still see? Note, I saw they offer the UM on the Makershed website also, some are pre-built with dual extruder, and are discounted because they were used in a display at a Makerfaire. Shipping is less, coming from U.S. There is a rumor I read elsewhere, that they will soon have the UM2 also. I saw the warranty/return on Makershed is 30 days. Do you know the warranty/return policy on orders directly through Ultimaker? Finally, taking a tangent regarding dual extrusion - has anyone tried using ABS in one extruder, as a support for PLA printing from the other extruder, and then dissolving in Acetone? Would that work?
  18. Thanks Illuminarti, I think I saw you over on the Qu-Bd forums - I had an RMP on order until I cancelled recently. They held my money for almost a year, and still haven't shipped any, I believe.... Now I'm looking at this new UM2 as a resplacement for printing. I assume you have both this and an RXL? How is the RXL working in comparison?
  19. I am considering purchasing the UM2, but this will be my first printer. I am at beginner level when it comes to upgrading, etc. I read that the dual extruder will come out in the future and also the wifi add-on. Am I better off waiting until these are integrated, or will the 2nd extruder and nozzle be simple enough to install that it should not be a concern? Secondly, is the "wifi enabling" in the future only through the Doodle 3d, or will it eventually be built-in? How does this integrate with Octoprint, if at all, or does that require me to install a Raspberry Pi and webcam myself? The new machine looks so much more like a finished product compared to the original - how hard is it to get inside and install a RPi or a new extruder, without a beginner throwing everything else out of tuning? I am somewhat mechanically inclined, but certainly no engineer. Thanks
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