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  1. Hello and sorry for the late reply but I was on vacation in warm and sunny Barcelona! Anyway.. @ataraxis I'll print a cube twice and report back the deformation. Also I need to apply the same force in both directions, but no idea if this counts as easy or difficult, there is no way to describe something so subjective or compare it to a video. Is there a less subjective way to check it? @gr5 Yes it is UM1. Also another subjective thing.. I did apply some downwards force to the motors when I was screwing them to the case. On the third picture there was underextrusion somewhere between 10
  2. Hello everyone, I think my problem fits this thread.. I'm also experiencing deformations which are especially visible in circular holes, or where the infill doesn't touches the border. Shall I also do the things mentioned above or is it something different? Thanks!
  3. For better laser cut results, avoid cutting it in one pass. Instead use multiple passes with less power in order to get a more straight cut.
  4. Exactly.. I don't mind waiting for something that I want but is out of stock. It's my choice if I still want to order it and wait. May I suggest to at least put in the status.. collecting items or something..not ready. And somehow link your supplies with the website..If something is out of stock immediately the store gets updated.
  5. Same with me.. It's been more than two weeks and my order is still not shipped. Last Wednesday I was told that they didn't have something from my order in stock but they received it and that they will send the order ASAP.. One week later still hasn't been shipped..
  6. Ok although I don't get why the electricity that is produced from the motor goes through the temperature sensor's circuit. Beside sharing a common - I don't understand how is a closed circuit motor and temperature sensor. I does it on both directions, both axes!
  7. Hi, I don't know if here is the correct place to post this thing because I don't know if it is a problem. With NO cables attached to the printer (power and USB), if I move the print head with my hand the temp sensor's LED lights up! Is this normal? :???:
  8. @ Lennart It's the blue. @Tommyph1208 It's for a research I'm doing for acoustics in architecture. Today I did my first test recordings..It still need a lot of adjustments and reprints. When I'll have a lot of free time I'll test your idea with the skull inside a hollow head!!
  9. You are right..my mistake. Although if you have an object with 0.4mm thickness and set the Cura shell thickness to 0.4mm it doesn't slice it. if you set it to 0.399 it does. I know that probably the two toolpath lines overlapping and cura somehow does this but it shouldn't. In every code you have some exceptions, that's in my opinion one of those exceptions. A proposal is to merge overlapping toolpath lines. Also..I know it's a NURBS to mesh conversion problem take a look at the images bellow. All objects are in pairs..the left one has 0.4mm thickness and the right one 0.41mm. You can al
  10. @gr5 I looked at the file that Shurik tries to print in Rhino and it's not infinity thin.. It has a thickness of 0.4mm. So in theory if you set the shell thickness to 0.4 you'll get a one pass for each layer but... nope.. I did a simple model to test Cura and I get wrong (for my perception) results. https://www.dropbox.com/s/oq3mh52oa3rerw4/Cura_shell_test.stl The first (small one) has a shell thickness of 0.4mm The second 0.8mm and the third 0.84mm So with Cura shell thickness set to 0.4 the first one is not get sliced. As for the other two it seems that 0.4 and 0.8 Cura shell thickn
  11. After 3 hours of taking almost everything apart and putting it back together with no luck I stumble upon this.. It only happens in the X axis bearing. Can I fix it some how or I should contact support to send me a new one?
  12. Haha.. 1 minute time estimation!! Can you share the file so I can see what it does in my computer?
  13. Yes,the pictures..I got used to the internet speeds here in Switzerland and I don't pay attention to what I upload! Anyway, next time I'll resize them first.. It is a recording dummy head that help to make binaural recording which lets say simulate the human hearing. Hide away I hope you don't mean the cap. The head has to be closed and filled with absorption material in order, 1st not to resonate like all hollow stuff do and 2nd The sound must reach the microphones only through the ear canal. Long story short it has to be as close to a human head as possible.. which means closed. @AaronA
  14. Hi all, This is lets say my first serious print, the rest were small test pieces to see what the printer can do. It still needs stuff to do with it but the printing part is done. you can see more here..
  15. Hi illuminarti, With the power off I can move them "easily" (I don't exactly know was is easy) but they still make this sound. For sure it's not the end caps since I have a washer between the cap and the case. But how exactly check if it's twisted, if it is, is so little that I can't see it with my eyes. Could it be a very small misalignment between the pulleys of the same belt and the belt teeth jumps off the pulley?
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