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  1. Depending on where you installed Cura the default would be: /Applications/Cura/Cura.app/Contents/MacOS/Cura For example to get the help /Applications/Cura/Cura.app/Contents/MacOS/Cura -h Usage: cura.py [options] <filename>.stl Options: -h, --help show this help message and exit -i PROFILEINI, --ini=PROFILEINI Load settings from a profile ini file -r PRINTFILE, --print=PRINTFILE Open the printing interface, instead of the normal cura interface. -p PROFILE, --profile=PROFILE
  2. I had the exact same problem with my new Ultimaker Original. There is even a faq entry on https://www.ultimaker.com/pages/support/faq/ultimaker-original-troubleshooting. Look for "The hot end of my Ultimaker is leaking. There is plastic forming on top of the aluminum heater block."
  3. Cura is using python 2.7 internal, so I guess the plugins use Python 2.
  4. I'll place a bet on "All of the missing parts I require" for 100,- :-P
  5. Recently there was a post about it: http://www.ultimaker.com/blogs/news/2013/03/14/start-your-own-mini-factory-with-autoprints They used 3M 3434 Scotch tape instead of the 2090 scotch, because this was too sticky.
  6. I ordered my Ultimaker Original on 25 February and it was shipped today. So expect 4 to 5 weeks.
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