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  1. Kann ich bestätigen, hab mir aufgrund dieses Post ne Tube gekauft und das hält wirklich! PS: Wenn man sich ne Einrichtung bastelt könnte Spiegelschweissen eine echte Alternative zu Klebstoff sein. Ich meine viel Wärme wäre nicht nötig.
  2. Aceton löst PLA meines wissens nicht auf, daher klebt das nicht. Aber wie es beschrieben ist, ist Dichlormethan das entsprechende Pendant.
  3. Wait a Moment.. You built the hole rocket thing and really fly with it? For real? Crazy...
  4. Very very good print! Risking to out myself as an idiot, may I ask what it does?
  5. Titan isn't printed by an UM2, is it?
  6. Congrats to your UM2, fine machine Is the blue and red filament from same brand? If not it could be that the red one is indeed a more tricky one..
  7. Thanks for the reply No problem. It's a interesting theme that's why I asked and it's very ok if you do not want give it away or it's your business. I agree. Everybody may of course say no without any problem in my eyes. Thanks for this, appreciate it very much. Btw: I'm shooting a blank longbow, I don't have to try printing such..
  8. Did you design it or can I download it anywhere?
  9. My first print that turned out well as I hoped.. allthough nothing special of course
  10. That is cool. I thought about doing some similar roll but for wall painting like it was used in the old days to paint wallpaper. But I assume that would need some flexible printing material and I am far from using such. First I have to learn to get clean prints anyway but that's not so easy I found out.
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