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  1. Automatic follow?? What is that. I now get 2-4 mails from this forum every day.
  2. Version 1.0


    We just bought a new Fiesta and I thought it would be fun to print a model. So here it is :-) Sliced with Simplify3D. I like the result, the model actually shines like gold :-)
  3. Suddenly i felt a strong desire to print a Ford Fiesta :-)
  4. oh s...!! he should wear a full face helmet when testing things like that. Well the house seems very thin, so I guess he could expect that result. No I will not use it in an engine :-) just as key hanger.
  5. It was so easy to print with. Sanding and polish. I think the result is very nice.
  6. To all who is having problems with melted fan mounts. Maybe you should try to use alu tape. It reflects the heat. http://m.ebay.com/itm/151359066809
  7. Yes :-) Took a sheet of alufoil, half A4, folded multible times, cut a hole, and then wrap around the heater.
  8. Thanks for your answers. I will try V14.12 to night and post the result.
  9. This is my first vase attempt with Cura, and I am not happy :sad: When printing, the extruder stops for a very short time, every round of the vase, this leaves a small dot. It leaves a spiralize path of dots on the print. Is this a Cura 14.09 bug?? Trying to print this model (it is solid and should be OK) http://www.thingiverse.com/download:114887 Se the problem here: Why oh why?
  10. You print to fast. slow down to 20mm/s and add 25% fan speed.
  11. Thansk for your answers. Ok, so the Z-scars on my model is normal? Do yours also do this? Please note that this is "only" a problem when printing above 0.1mm layers. Below that, the scars is very small and barely noticeable.
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