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  1. Totally different issue if its right out of the box. Here is my guess, they were having stocking issues for awhile. Its possible they ran out of a particular brand or "white" color LED and had to just another to keep them shipping. That would be my guess.
  2. Work time is not what we are talking about. They might "Work" but they color shift over time and that time is much shorter than the life span of the LED. Its a very well known issue with LEDs.
  3. This is entirely normal for LEDs that have been on for long periods of time, and is the number 1 reason airports dont use them for runway lights. What you are most likely seeing is LED Color Shift. The only thing that is a bit odd is your printer is pretty new. How many hours does it have on it? This should help explain if you would like to read a bit more into it: http://www.ies.org/lda/HotTopics/LED/20.cfm
  4. Apologies if I wasnt clear, that was 100% sarcasm
  5. Thats a bummer on the nozzle, If a dual extruder gets released it would be pretty cool to be able to use two different size nozzles depending on what needs to be done. Unfortunately i cant, this is a cover for a barometer on board an arduino, there are transistors that surround the area. The good news is I got the print to come out perfect. I use color fab xt, so I had to drop the temp from 245 to 240, and actually reduce flow to 90%. It under extruded ever so slightly but I dont need strength so its perfect. I ended up pulling the holes out of the model and just used a hot needle to poke th
  6. Well I guess you learn something new every day I did not know that cura wants to do two passes. As far as strengh this is just a cover for a barometer for a multirotor (they are super sensitve to light and wind) the part really doesnt need any strength just decent tolerences so I can glue it over the chip. I have considered a smaller nozzle as most of the things I print are smaller parts with holes and it appears the .4 nozzle is a bit big for that. Any place you would recommend getting one from, I see makergear sells them. I write enough code at work I actually didnt even think of that..
  7. Hi all, Ive been designing and printing very successfully up until this point. I have a very small part (5.6mm x 5.6mm x 2.2mm) that Im trying to print. Attached is the STL and gcode files. When I run this stl through cura it does not print the walls (.4mm). Ive tried tweeking the shell thickness, layersize, etc with the same results. Even the layer view in cura shows an incorrect object. Would anyone be able to help me out? I realize this print is pretty small and may not actually be possible on the ultimaker, but at a very slow speed the bottom half actually comes out pretty decent. https
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