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  1. Thanks @kmanstudios and @CapableQuad. My Cura Connect seems to be in a weird state. It had my printer listed as a group owner but then it had another printer showing as well (I only have one UM3). When I added the extra printer to my group it started to print! Strangely, I can also send print jobs to the other printer and it also prints even though connect says that it has an issue. So I am fixed but not in any way that I should be! This is not Ultimakers finest in software but I can see the use for it in a production shop once it is polished a little more. Hopefully someone
  2. My UM3 has decided to not accept print jobs across the network with the following message. Note that it still prints just fine from the thumbdrive and there are no messages of anything wrong from the printer Unavailable: This printer is currently unable to accept new print jobs Verbiage The 3D printer can't start a print unless both print cores are present. Install the matching print cores to proceed. The selected 3D printer reports an unexpected status. Ensure that your printers have t
  3. I have been pondering whether or not to buy a Maintenance Kit for my Ultimaker 2+. My printer has 2500 hours of print time on it so I decided to go for it. The installation of all the bits went well though there were a couple of human factor issues. The end result, though, was well worth it. Not only does the printer print like new...it is also quite a bit quieter! I do have a question out of this...at how many hours, generally, would this be recommended? It is an expensive upgrade!
  4. 3DGBIRE is dispatching a new print head and even a print core today so I should be on the air tomorrow. The jam that you linked me to is what would make sense to have happened to me. The printer was probably "running dry" for 45 minutes with no movement of the filament. I don't know if the fan was working or not unfortunately. The print head is packed ready to come home though. I would really like to know! I get you on the use of your filament for your profiles. When I got my first UM2 I ditched buying cheap filament but did not go all the way to yours. I do have a fair bit of your
  5. The core is going back to 3DGBIRE. I am not sure from there whence it will go but I would think that someone would want to see it for a post mortem. If it does not go to the Netherlands, and 3DGBIRE is not going to look at it, then I will suggest to them that it come your way! I would love to know what happened.
  6. :-oMy first attempt at printing with it was at a lower temperature (same missprint probably) and it did not work so well at all. I very successfully printed a couple of other things in single extruder mode. In this case I was using the t-glase in a multi-extrusion print. The first one failed because of user error but the t-glase had started to go down nicely. The second print jammed and jammed hard. Now down and waiting for someone at 3DGBIRE to decide what to do...they seem flummoxed by the issue.
  7. Me thinks I will wait for next steps from 3DGBIRE who do seem a little stumped at the moment.
  8. I am out of practice clearing jams as I can not really remember the last time I had one on my UM2+ machines and this was certainly a first on the UM3. It was a jam like no other that I have ever had. The filament would not budge in either direction under normal filament temperature (235c t-glase). At 260c same thing. I was able to lift the machine and swing it around my head on the filament stuck in the print core. Ok, not exactly, but you get the point. I am looking forward to the post mortem.
  9. I did what 3DGBIRE recommended which was just to get it hot over a fifteen or so minute period. I did try pushing and it did not move...same in other direction and both with a lot of force. It is disassembled and the filament cut down in hopes that I could at least eject the print core.
  10. I hope, for Ultimaker's sake, that I am the exception! I have had two UM2s for going on two years and have never had anything but good luck with them (though I have had some self inflicted wounds). The problems that I have had have been resolved easily and quickly with minimal downtime from printing. I have gotten great support from the reseller (3DGBIRE) so far but it is still painful to have such an expensive printer sitting idle. Re Jams. I stopped using cheap filament some time ago as I like the quality and consistency of a better quality of plastic. I have had some pretty good jams
  11. No thread as I went through reseller support channel. Was doing a dual extrusion print using T-Glaze in the right print core. Came back to the printer after a bit to find a nozzle jam on said print core. Canceled the print and tried to unload the filament but could not due to no traction on the filament due to grinding. It was so bad that I had to disassemble the filament drive. Then tried an unload but with manual pull and no joy. The tried heating to 260c to try and pull it out by brute force with no luck. Then tried heating to 260c for 15 minutes with the same result. Thought that I
  12. Thanks to @tomnagel we now know that this is caused by the z-hop parameter that needs to be off. It must have switched from on to off between 2.3.0 and 2.3.1. Cheers, Will
  13. First, Is WolfBite easy to apply? Adhesion has been one of my issues with anything but Klapton tape which I find to be a pain. I occasionally want to print something in ABS (for smoothing) but talk myself out of it as opposed to Kaptoning the glass. Second, my other problem with ABS is with fine details. I had a Makerbot clone and a directed fan that made that kind of detail work possible that I have not been able to duplicate on my UM2+ (but that does work pretty well on the UM3). DO you do prints like what I am describing and if so how do you get a good result? Here is an image of a mo
  14. If you are talking to me then note that I surrendered several messages ago. Every person that prints, prints differently. I use brim very very rarely. I am more likely to build my own brim onto a part where it is needed and easy to detach rather than have the slicer brim the whole part. But since you bring it up again. Beginner mode and expert mode. Brim on in the former and off in the latter. Possibly the same with some other settings. But I don't really care. I surrendered long ago and cast all that bizarre indignation out the door. I'm back to using S3D for most of my printin
  15. I have had two UM2+'s (sold one and got a UM3) and I did get frustrated trying to print ABS. I got it to work but not before I invested in an enclosure (search this forum for After Market Enclosure for a good discussion) and got good at putting down Klapton tape. I have now given up on ABS in favour of anything else depending on the temperature requirements. I would suggest that the moment you get frustrated with ABS, and I think you might, try one of the alternatives mentioned above. In fact, I would order up an alternative reel now! I love my UM2+ but have lost my love of ABS (developed
  16. It matters not as I get the same result running on a Windows machine with a fresh copy of 2.4.
  17. Most notably reinstalling Cura does not touch the cura configuration, and most issues have been with the configuration files. Which is why, on OSX, I also whacked /Library/Application Support/Cura. Is these stuff hidden somewhere else?
  18. I have an issue that I think started when I upgraded to the December release of firmware for the UM3. Is the previous version available somewhere for me to try a downgrade? Thanks, Will
  19. My point exactly! If it is not required "most of the time" then why is it a default?!? Yes, I know, it is all about the first time user but then it should be trivial to turn it off (as in through the GUI). Yes, I know, I can turn it off in my custom profiles but I should not need to! I should just be able to use the standard profiles for a standard print and not end up with the extra work of peeling off the brim. And finally, yes, I know that I should check the layers view...but I don't always.
  20. I had a corrupted Cura 2.4 during the Beta and reinstalled. Just did so again thinking that might be the issue but no joy. I am deleting the application and the Cura folder from /Library/Application Support but am wondering if there are configuration files some where else. I am SURE this was not happening before I first tried the Beta. I am using the stock profiles with only a change to temperature and speed. I am happy using S3D for everything else but I need Cura to work for dual extrusion support. I have not reposted yet on the Cura section as some more testing is underway. W
  21. Here are two more images this time of a test that I did when first getting the printer (orange) versus now (grey). I was going to repost this to Cura/Firmware but since Cura slices ok for my 2+ it seems like this is the right place for this thread. I hope that @gr5, @labern, @Daid, or @neotko might see this thread and render some advice? I will promise to stop complaining about Brim as that is truly trivial compared to not being able to print tiny details that I used to be able to print!
  22. Here is another image with a print from Cura 2.4 (center) as well as the ones from S3D (left) and Cura 2.3 (right): The S3D print (Center) has no stringing, the 2.3 (Upper) less than the 2.4, and the 2.4 (Right) is unusable. Cura 2.3 print is the red one and is fine.
  23. Ok, fine! I'll deal with it! In the grand scheme of things it is not that big of an issue! Was just cranky this morning. My bigger issue is the post I did asking about oozing that suddenly is infesting my UM3!
  24. The print on the left was sliced by S3D and the one on the right by the latest version of Cura. They are, as nearly as I can tell, done with the same temperature, speed, and retraction settings. I can not prove this without doing a lot of work but I am almost certain this behaviour only began after I upgraded the firmware on the printer and went to the new Cura. Cura Profile is pretty much default settings for a 'normal' print but for temp at 195 and speed at 50 Here is the G-Code for all four prints that I have done. The S3d settings are at the top of the S3d file. G-Code
  25. I know that I can change this default by editing a config file...but...I am still baffled by why I need to do so? If someone can afford to buy an Ultimaker they should be able to make prints stick without a brim. If they really need one then the corollary is that they will be experienced enough to turn on the option! I installed the beta of Cura, oops, have to remember the config file. I reinstalled the pre-beta as I was having trouble with the beta, oops, have to remember the config file. I now installed the gold version and, yup, oops, gotta remember the config file! If your default pr
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