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  1. Haha you guys should check out the instagram video i made avout bed adhesion. You can stick any number of fancy anythings on the bed. Bottom line blue tape and correct temperature gradient as you are leaving the base layers (adhesion layers) will solve the problem. That video:
  2. I found that two was easier because it already had the connections on the board for a second hot end, temp sensor, extruder motor. It was really just plug and play after machining the hotend. Also simplify3d already had the settings in some hidden firmware for the dual extrusion control and it was really...well...simple. it had indepent temp controls so i could tweak the melt/ feed infinitely etc etc etc.
  3. I see you haven't been on here in awhile. I was wondering how your 2 into on was doing? Any pic's of it? Thanks Ed 0Shes doing fine. Unfortunately i dont work in the office for the company that owns the printer. Now i only consult for them. But they are still using the printer and it is working great.
  4. Heya cloak. Long time no see. I see you're still doing beautiful works.
  5. Ill import the obj into solidworks if I can lol and see what I can do with it. sorry Ive been gone so long can you shoot me a link to the file as a...stl, step, stp, Iges? 3dm?
  6. Ill import the obj into solidworks if I can lol and see what I can do with it. sorry Ive been gone so long
  7. Still at it huh cloak. Did you end up buying an ultimaker for home use?
  8. I only work as a consultant for my previous employer and I miss my um2 so much lol.
  9. I Have found that adding external cooling from anywhere but the top to be detrimental to the print quality.
  10. Would make for interesting atomic pulls This is ok for 2 color prints or using materials that require the same printing temps. But has limited flexibility. Even different colors or brands of PLA can require different Temps to get them to print really nice. the purpose of the two filaments is having a wider (volume) window of available "glass point" material to increase the potential max print volume (thus Speed) Speed is good. The problem lies with the bigger heat zone, this creates more plastic expansion, thus more oozing and longer retract lengths. Not an issue on all prints but
  11. so i guess the second image doesn,t really show it all that well but you can kind of see that in the first image the poly count (changed by way on angle and deviation) is a lot lower which makes a bit of a fragmented imag however with the deviation vlaue and the of angle value pushed to the max accuracy you can see that the image is much more smooth. I just figured this may be beneficial for you as you are about finish quality. if you want to send me a file I can see i it would benefit you? my email is k.i.stuge@gmail.com btw
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