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  1. Hi @jphermans, Not yet! I'm redesigning the heatsink now. The problem with current design was the cost of machining the heatsink parts. And the whole design looked a little bit beefy too. That been said, the modified firmware for this printhead has been already shared at https://github.com/tigertooth4/Ultimaker2Marlin . I'll try to make the CAD file available as soon as I can. The current design did print amazingly well. I've done a lot of dual extrusion prints (mostly with PVA supports) with this printhead. Please check my instagram page (https://www.instagram.com/tig
  2. Yes, that's one of my goal. I should do more research into the heatsink part.
  3. Hi guys, At the end of this year, I would like to share my design of a multi-nozzle tool head. A year ago I've posted some results of dual material 3d printing on my DIY Ultimaker 2 on G+ ( G+ link) I said there I used a different approach which has not been implemented (at least I didn’t find) elsewhere. Well, the nozzle changing idea I came up with was inspired by the multi-lens microscope (where three or four lenses are distributed around an axis, mounted on a plate. To change from one to another, one can simply rotate the whole plate so that the lens engaging is p
  4. Great idea! A servo mechanism is worth trying in this case. Mag-attaching hotends and oozing preventing save a lot of time for changing and printing. I had a similar rotary idea. I'm working on implementing for quite some time. Hoping to test out and post my result soon. Cheers, XJ
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