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  1. I figured it out! So after thinking I didnt make the connection right under the printer I kept taking it plugging and unplugging and still nothing,So I decided to take apart the spool holder and what do you know the connection to the NFC reader was barely connected. Now it reads like a charm =)
  2. So I just got my UM3 and so far everything seems to be working great. However my UM3 cant recognized any filament. I checked the connection for the NFC reader and everything and it still cant see the rolls of UM filament that I installed. Any suggestions? I know I read someone else had the problem as well. Thanks
  3. If your in the US FBRC8 has the bed parts. I had the same exact thing happen to me and they sent me a new bed and connectors. They told me UM had problems with this so they changed the connection type to push pins. This is what my connector looked like when I hit it with the FLIR. I was noticing a smell for a few weeks that smelt like wet dog and couldnt find the source until I started seeing smoke.
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