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  1. Hi Ultimaker Community! I have a short, easy question that everyone needs to know an answer to. Thanks for your time!
  2. Hi Joris! Is it easy to change the filament on the printer? And is the cabinet air-tight? Thanks.
  3. Hi @SandervG Yes, my friends made a flexible mold
  4. There's no special reason (at least not that i'm aware of). AFAIK this are the standard formulas that Cura uses, if acceleration or jerk control is enabled. You can disable it in Cura, if you want. Mark2 works with the standard values of the printer as well. What's the reason of your question? Did you noticed any serious drawbacks related to these values? As you already know, we are building an UMO with Mark2 upgrade but we have a problem. The first thing I've checked were the Cura settings... But that's not the problem... Any other idea @tinkergnome?
  5. Why are the acceleration and Jerk settings so low on the standard Mark2 profile?
  6. Hi, Try to remove Cura from your computer. Then go to your Program files to remove the Cura folder. And then you can reinstall Cura 2.6... Let me know if it works now!
  7. An original birthday present, a mold made of the Ultimaker icon and filled with chocolate! Very delicious
  8. We have something very interesting We've made the UM2 firmware compatible with the UMO with RepRap Discount LCD. So It would be possible to do the Mark2 upgrade on the UMO with the TinkerGnome firmware! More info coming soon! A big thanks to LowiekVDS for rewriting the firmware.
  9. Hi, Try to rotate the manual levelling screws, so the bed is completely down. Now restart auto levelling! That should help...
  10. Is it possible to get the Marlin (Arduino) code of the Mark2 firmware?
  11. The main issue is that while it could be possible to use it, the firmware from @tinkergnome runs on the um2 oled display, so you would need the 100€ish display to make it work, also most probably the um2 board (but I think that could be work out). So, long story short, unless someone translates all tinkergnome firmware to the umo/reprap display, it would not be possible to use it atm without expending more money. I'm starting with the @gudo ZGEMark2 beta, but I'll use a Duet3D board that allows to semi-manually to do all the key stuff. And with an reprap full graphic smart controller?
  12. Hi, I have an old UMO with an old Ultimaker motherboard. I want to change the printhead to an printhead of an UM2 (Not 2+). That's possible I think? But, if it possible, I want to use 2 UM2 printheads and this great Mark 2 system... Is this possible with the old motherboard?
  13. Version 1.0


    Low-Poly Pikachu
  14. Render, Where can we download this firmware? It looks amazing! Great job!! <3
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