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  1. Hi KevinMakes, this looks like an interesting design. But I dont think you can machine this part in one piece. The holes where the filament goes trough can't be drilled as they are not straight. The nozzle and the ollsson block are made of brass, it might be CuZn36Pb3 as that is really good to machine. It might be CuZn28, if its without lead. It's not that good to machine as CuZn36P3, but its easier to polish and it might be harder and more resistant to abrasion. I don't know if you are able to notice differences in thermal conductivity as long it is brass, but i don't think so. I don't kn
  2. Hi Sid, just use the Buttons: Blue for uploading, red for linking an external image
  3. Dear Community, I have an Ultimaker 2+ Extended and I wanted to buy an additional Feeder (the geared plus version). My german reseller Igo3d told me, he has not the permission from Ultimaker to sell the feeder, only when I send in a broken one. Is that correct? And why?
  4. That looks really good, it seems like it can handle retractions better than the original printhead? How long is the pbi-part and which outter-diameter did you choose? Do you feel like it can be made shorter without the loss of functionality?
  5. Hi Community, has someone tried out avistron PLA (or other stuff)? http://www.avistron.de/ It comes in a bucket with a 1kg spool and is a bit cheaper than innofill, hope that the quality is good. Will order PLA white this week.
  6. Hi DidierKlein, thank you for your feedback. Atm, the nozzle is lifted 3mm and the nozzle cover has a thickness of 2mm, so there is an offset of 1mm. I did also think of the extra weight of the stepper, even if it's just a small NEMA 8, it will probalbly decrease the maximum accelleration. You might tbe right with the mechanical solution be the better one, it would require less components, modding and also cost less than with stepper+electronics.. The lifting of the nozzles and the turning of the nozzle cover is already one mechanism, it requires just one shaft turned to do both of these a
  7. Dear Community, the release of the Ultimaker 3 caused mixed feelings in the forum. On one side, there are a lot of members with much experience who turned out to be like beta testers which say the Ultimaker 3 is so good and on the other side there are a lot of people which feel a bit betrayed from Ultimaker, because they bought an Ultimaker 2 oder 2+ lately, not knowing that there was a new one coming or not knowing if there was ever dual extrsuion coming for ultimaker 2. I did buy the Ultimaker 2+, I did think there will be an update for dual extrusion. A lot of people are saying things lik
  8. Sorry that I disturb the discussion of the descisionmaking of the ultimaker company, but can someone just answer that question?
  9. Do the cores need to wipe before nozzle change? Or is the low/high temperature reached fast enough?
  10. According to the teaser, it clearly has dual extrusion. But the printed part looks a bit warped, so I guess it has no enclosure.
  11. Are these the unused pins that are controllable by the M42-Command? Sorry that I can't figure it out by myself, but im really not good at reding these circuit diagrams.. Edit: So what are the Pins that are 5V?
  12. The geckotek looks good, too. What do you think it is made of? First I thought it was brushed aluminium, but since it is magnetic, it could be a brushed stainless steel, but with ferromagnetic characteristics.
  13. Hi Community, has anyone tried one of these? http://www.fleks3d.com/ Seems like an good alternative to gluestick, if the adhesion is good enough. They don't tell the material its made of, but i think it might be frostet PMMA, because PMMA is more scratch- and heat-resistant than other plastics..
  14. Since I can't even find that part in the main assemlby, you might be right that I dont't need it. I want to mount the second feeder box on the first one, flipping the second stepper outside, like, I think Ulticreatr did that? I don't want to modify the case atm. Does anyone know about that glass fiber sensor? Is is compatibe withthe old 25W heater? I think I already have one glass fiber, because i have the + version? So I would just need one..
  15. Hi, I'm currently working on a new approach on dual extrusion. The design in CAD is almost finished, firmware problem is theoretically solved. I plan to machine the parts for the prototype in the course of the next weeks. When everything works as planned, the design will prevent oozing without seperatly heating and cooling the nozzles. A wipe tower will not be needed. I plan to use two 25W Heaters because of the power supply. That should work atm, I don't think we will need more for ABS and PLA because they don't have to cool down when they are not in use. I decided to go with tho olsson
  16. Can someone help me find an unused 5V pin? I'm not very good at reading circuit diagrams. Would like to give a signal to an arduino. LED pwm might work, but i would prefer a 5V pin. As far as I know I can control any pin with the M42 command? Is that right?
  17. Tank you, found it. That's the point, the extra motor will be used for the second extruder, so I need to find a way for an third (extra extra) stepper motor. Is there any way to get a signal from any unused pins or connectors? I can connect the small stepper by using extra electronics, but is there something on the mainboard which i could use to get a signal to the extra electronics?
  18. Dear Ultimaker Community, im new to this forum and i'm planning to try some modifications on our half year old Ultimaker 2+ Extended. I'm an engineering student, searching a project for bachelor thesis, and maybe an Ultimaker modification will be suitable. My special field is production technology. Parallel to my study, I have been working in our family business for a couple of years now. We are developing and manufacturing medical devices and medical supply units, so I have access to machinery like cnc milling and turning machines. I'm specially interested in making an enclosure (which s
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