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  1. Heres a pic from the 1st support structure: Its pretty normal in respects to being very thin and easily breaks away when pulled on with only fingers. Comparing to the first picture (2nd thick support above), is very solid, doenst even flex when using pliers, cannot be peeled away without first cutting with a metal tool. Its as thick or thicker than a part outside wall thickness. The overall problem is the support structure for the 2nd print (removing the support dmgs the part to much). What are the ways I can ensure that the support structure walls arent' super solid and super thick (first pic)? What are the machine settings that influence support wall thickness? I didnt change any settings from the first print to the 2nd yet the 2nd print support walls were 10x thicker in the same locations.Is it gcode? There were no differencees I know of: same machine, same stl file, even loaded saved profile settings from slicer(cura) . What would cause the support to suddenly go super steriod and become much much thicker?
  2. Support Wall Thickness Question: I made two prints of the same .stl file from CURA 15.04.5 one following the other. They should have the same basic/advanced settings/ material settings on Ult2+printer. Everything should be the same. Yet on the 2nd print, the support wall thickness touching the buildplate came out over 1mm thick(much much thicker) and basically made the support structure a nightmare to peel away. The first print I could peel away the support with my hand in 5minutes. I have to use a needle nose /clipper on the 2nd print. I dont want this problem to happen again. My cura settings where .1mm layer height and .8 mm bottom /top and shell thickness for both prints. Grid support pattern for both and 15% support infill. //trying again reduced infill support to 10% Can someone point to or explain which parameters influence the support wall thickness? Included is pic of how thick the support walls are on the 2nd print . Is there anything I can do with the 2nd print? Besides make another print, are there good ways to remove super thick supports stuck in hard to reach/pull out cracks on the 2nd print? What should I verify to ensure that the support wall thickness doenst come out to the same or in this case thicker than the parts shell walls? supportwallnightmare.jpeg
  3. Suggestion: You know how to make the forums super active? Say at every 500 points of relevant material. Send the productive community member a roll of your super cool silver PLA filament.
  4. Very cool. How did you make the stl file?
  5. Anyone make this in ABS? Ended up adding brim , turning down speed, and shortening length from 155m to 85mm due to lift off with ABS. Anyone found a better solution?
  6. I searched for unit leveling in the forums but mostly the results were about automatic bed leveling. My question /suggestion are there plans for automatic unit leveling (i.e. on a crooked table) that can notify the maker/user that its at an angle. Has anyone had this become an issue? I releveled the print bed when i started getting base layer lift off, eventually found that the table was the culprit (or so i think). By adjusting the table I've reduced the % of failures on the first couple layers.
  7. I really liked the ultimaker pla silver 3mm filament .75kg roll. can anyone from ultimaker clarify this question? How can we get more rolls of the same filament that shipped with the stock unit ultimaker 2+ in the usa?
  8. From the Community ->3dPrints to Youimagine the link is erroring out : It says either the link is not secure or error 500. Is anyone else getting this?
  9. exactly! great suggestions imo! I would like to support the suggestion on searching the forum with a sort by date of initial post. I am experiencing major warping issues with ABS and there are 1000s of articles that mention this problem. I'd like to find the latest post on ABS warping and if possible condense the hacks/suggestions/solutions into a list thereby efficiently resolving the problems I'm experiencing with ABS. Thank you in Advance.
  10. only reached max on x. I have some lee way still in y before the object "greys out". there are many settings in "machine settings". The information bubbles help alot. However, a more detailed explanation of the settings in a glossary or index setting would really help in terms of how these settings interact with other parameters especially max print size. Thank you very much again.
  11. Thank you that helped, setting skirt and brim to 0 I was able to get to 225 mm of 230mm in x direction. is there one more parameter that would give me the last 5mm? Thanks again!
  12. On a related note , the stated ultimaker 2 max volume is 23 X 22.5 X 20.5 cm . I imported my design into CURA and the max dimensions actually for x,y was 20.7 x 19.6cm. When I scale to 100%, CURA greyed out the object just like the previous post said. Is there a way to reach the max dimensions for the Ultimaker 2? Is there a way to reach the stated max dimensions without redesigning ? is there a parameter or setting somewhere that will give me the dimensions I designed to?
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