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  1. I followed the blog of burdickjp himself and that worked for me
  2. I got it working with 2,85mm filament, i ordered 26mm Stainless Steel heat break with teflon PTFE tube for 3mm filament ( 26mm heatbreak withe PTFE on aliexpress ) , Teflon PTFE tube OD 4mm / ID 3mm on aliexpress Have it working for a few weeks now without problems
  3. Hello tinkergnome I notice when i'm in advanced / expert functions / move axes , as long i do not home the X axe i can move it left right but as soon as i home the X axe i got strange caracters as zero and when i'm go to the right the head don't stop anymore See picture With the non Mark2 firmwares everything works normal
  4. And this is when i connect with S3D with th mark2 firmware Attempting connection at \\.\COM14... READ: start Connected to machine! READ: echo:Marlin 1.0.0 Marlin 1.0.0 READ: echo: Last Updated: Oct 7 2017 18:25:11 | Author: Tinker_Mark2_17.09 Last Updated: Oct 7 2017 18:25:11 | Author: Tinker_Mark2_17.09 READ: Compiled: Oct 7 2017 READ: echo: Free Memory: 2274 PlannerBufferBytes: 1232 Free Memory: 2274 PlannerBufferBytes: 1232 READ: echo:Stored settings retrieved Stored settings retrieved READ: echo:Steps per unit: Steps per unit: READ: echo: M92
  5. Thanks tinkergnome for the fast response I did what you asked I installed Tinker-MarlinUltimaker2extendedPlus-17.10.1 factory reset then did the buildplate calibration everything went normal i then installed Tinker-Mark2-extended-dual-17.09 ( i have the mark2 expansion board disconnected and connected the second head directly on the main board) i did NOT do a factory reset and checked all the prefereces settings but it looks normal. But when i choose raise buildplate in the display the buildplate raise very slooooooooow, like 1cm in 1 minute and when i choose to adjust nozzle
  6. Hello i hope someone can help me I've got a Ultimaker 2 V2.1.4 control board (clone) with the tinker 16.03.1+ / 17.02.1+ or 17.10.1+ firmware everything works normal but when i install a tinker-Mark2-extended firmware don't matter witch version ) 17.02.2 or 17.06 or 17.09 and a factory reset when i calibrate the buildplate the buildplate goes up and then the head goes to the right but it don't stop it crashed in the right wall and it don't stop, i have to switch the power off. When i turn it on again i still have to do the calibration steps again and a soon as the head moves t
  7. I've got a UM2ext+ and had the same freezes, used tinkergnome 16.08.1 and 16.08.2 Downgraded to tinker 16.03.1 and it never happend again for more than a month now with several long prints (+ 24H prints ) So i stay on 16.03.1 for now
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