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  1. My 3D printing is maker hobby so far. But I am usually ambitious & perfectionist if I do something. Then I want to achieve the best possible. And if there's a solution to dual printing for support material or other fun now, I NEED this :-) The price is secondary in that case, I would also be ready to invest 500 Euros in one of the good hacks that were developed recently for dual extrusion. But with all these the tuning work to get them going worries me. None of these upgrades is plug and play, for me that might be worth the +1.000 Euros for the UM3, eliminating this hassle. But definitely the 3.500 Euros is the uppermost limit to spend on a personal 3D printer... ;-) On the other hand the UM3 is not as hackable any more. (Or better you don't want to mess with that any more, you'd compromise it's reliability). I created a exchange head and a hacked firmware for the UM2+ that lets me UV laser expose PCBs, that's slightly harder with UM3, new hardware, new firmware, new print head.
  2. Makes sense. I thought of some 1500-1750. Bought it for just 2200, so 2000 are a bit high probably :-)
  3. Hi there, I am desperate to be able to print with support material. Thinking of selling my UM2+ to buy a UM3. What is a reasonable price for a UM2+ purchased in March, having some 500h print time? Is there a working market for used 3D printers? To my surprise there are not too many printers on eBay. Thanks, Conny
  4. Pretty cool. I like the concept. I don't like the loss in Y printing space though. Any idea why Ultimaker chose not to include dual extrusion out-of-the-box for the UM2+ ? What @Meduza said. It would have involved either very complex modifications to your trustworthy Ultimaker 2(+) with risks or such an expensive upgrade to cover all that, that would be unreasonable to charge. Hence, we did not feel comfortable unleashing that on our community and we felt the user experience was too important to mess around with. Ultimaker has an "Appe like" attitude: quality before time to market, make sure the device works perfectly well before getting into feature creep. I am totally behind that as I am very happy with the reliability and quality of the Ultimaker, which is a result of that attitude. Only 1 of 5 prints that I do have some severe issue. And if there is an issue then more due to material change and non-perfect parameters.
  5. Has anyone ever heard again from UltiCreatr and/or "sambianchibazzi"? Doesn't seem to me that they still exist. Have send them messages but they don't respond.
  6. Hi there, has anyone tested the Ulticreatr 2X dual extension meanwhile? Can't find any reviews on the web of it, that would be a prerequisite for me to buy to find some confirmation of reviews of community that it actually works. Cheers, Conny
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