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  1. Same here, only difference is that I have radeon instead of g-force.
  2. Hi there. Same problem here. I belive its because of this new firmware update. Will try older one or beta and let you know if it helped.
  3. 1. Well, as I've read and tested in printers using bowden to guide filament from extruder to printcore 4mm of retraction is a point when retraction starts to happen. This happens due to a tension in bowden tube, and retraction of 4mm just lower the tension. In UM machines retraction should have greater values. 2. I agree that travel move should be fast enough to break oozing material, but in some cases printers use Z-Hop, and travel happens after leaving a blob. If You guys use it, try to turn it off. 3. I agree as well, good way to set up temperature is to print an object few times while lo
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