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  1. RobyRob

    Delete useless support

    Solved. I changed value of Support Horizontal expansion from 0.2 to 0.0 I'm now using version 4.0
  2. RobyRob

    Delete useless support

    So I'll wait for a solution.....
  3. RobyRob

    Delete useless support

    @ahoeben. OK I think you properly descibed the trouble. And I did not find a way to set it. I can select only support from Buildplane and Everywere.
  4. RobyRob

    Delete useless support

    Thank you for your suggestion. I have already tried the "Support Blocker" but with any result. And I tried to set "Support Horizontal Expansion" to 0 and any positive result. Also tried to disable "general Support" then add a cube, put it in my hole and print it as a support. But also in this case the support was starting from plane. It is not a big problem, just a waste of time in printig.
  5. RobyRob

    Delete useless support

    I'm using Cura 3.6.0 I wonder if it is possible to eliminate the useless support generated and leave the support only in the hole. Cura generated a support starting from plate but it is useless Many Thanks Ugello.3mf
  6. RobyRob

    FreeCAD plug-in

    Hello. I have a question about Freecad Plugin. I am using Freecad 0.18 (but also tried with v 0.17) and Cura v. 3.5.1 end Freecad integration plugin 0.2.1 If in FreeCad I cut 2 objects ( say a cubic and a cilinder - hole in cubic) and import it in Cura I have the union of two object and not the cut. Thanks Roberto test.zip

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