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  1. No infill, zero, all models solid or % of infill are printing as shells. Using Fusion > Cura 4.1.0 WIn >10
  2. Paste this address in your browser to verify Run Cura connect. If the wifi is working and the camera runs in a browser it's a cura configuration conflict, if not then guess like I do and replace camera hardware. 🙂
  3. Is there a video guide for nozzle change on a UM3? Cleaning kits? i.e. tip wires
  4. Solved, Cura connect config files were corrupted, factory reset and run the connect setup. Use this address to test your camera connection
  5. Mine did the same brand new. Fan door would flop open, due to weak magnets. Not as ugly as yours but it did push the glass off and jammed the Z motion. Had a deadline to meet so had to overnight a new printhead and cores. $600 + It's ridiculous not to have a pause signal sent when the fan door is opened. Just had to replace the Wifi card and now the camera has quit... love the warranty, support its great..... I'd rather not have to replace parts every month.
  6. UM3, camera blank after replacing wifi card. Can connect and send prints, but no video. Monitor flashes about every 2 seconds from "grey available" to "blue with the progress bar. Thanks for looking! Firmware is latest, Cura 3.6 beta.
  7. UM3, and I make things!!! Gotta test them parts !!
  8. Following, Same problem with UM3. Also how to purge all configurations, printers. Thanks! just another part ;0
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